A short preview of Blackview Alife S1


Ok, Blackview Alife S1 delivered on my hand in 5 working days from HongKong (or China?) via DHL express in cost of about 9 USD. First face of box is not like Apple and copycats, freely bigger than their spaceless design and easy to open by cutting two sealed sticker on the bottom.


I can see minimal usable accessories in their package – an earphone, an OTG cable, a micro 5pin data&charge cable and a free voltage charger. Sure it has not contains spare battery !


I can check additional black paper box in right corner, it contains apple-like SIM tray pin tool and quick start manual as written in English, plus bundle half-transparency plastic case with front panel protective film. Alife S1 basically applied protective film on its front touch screen, I can see a film on it after tear off dirty and logo printed thin film. ( And I need adjust film to fit on screen … )


First look was nice. Really light weight and thin like modern internal battery phones. Factor similar like SONY Xperia Z1, and weight is about 1/3. Out shell looks painted from white plastic, it may a negative point for long using in keep clean.


Alife S1 supports dual SIM tray. LTE, 3G(WCDMA) and GSM. I can open SIM trays with bundle pin, but there’s some problem in pull out tray – actually I need really be careful to slowly pull out them.


I need to examine how put my microSD(TF) which side and which SIM tray is right. Exhaused about 3 minutes and eventually find how it be installed like below images.


Primary SIM tray could be installed with nano-SIM (as like iPhone 5 and later). Secondary tray only accept micro-SIM. I could identify with Up(上) and Down(下) as Primary and Secondary.


Or I could put microSD on primary tray like above image. I need choose dual SIM or this, there’s no way to put dual SIM and microSD together.

Rear camera has big metallic circle shelter as like my SONY Xperia Z1. Quality of preview on pre-installed camera app is enough better than Xperia Z1, it was amazing. Specially Alife S1 has dual LED flash light but not like iPhone 5s or 6, just same colored flash light for better exposure.



It is really nice smartphone in price. Or maybe over valued. Here I have describe positive and negative issues of Alife S1.


  • Good LCD quality in 5″ factor if don’t care resolution for HMD.
  • Really light weight.
  • Adaptive usage of dual SIM tray.
  • Loudy talk & external speaker.
  • Upper side of 3.5 pi earphone hole.
  • No SOFT NAVI !
  • Very thin.


  • Weak in scratch (may see white plastic if paint damage)
  • Navigation key is not allowed to Google reference. (order is MENU-HOME-BACK)
  • Little bit small battery capacity (2000mAh)

I will continue to detailed review ASAP.


Bonus: How thin is it … ?

20150916_232747-01 DSC_0049-01

Next interesting: Blackview Omega Pro.

I found an interesting new smartphone as named as Blackview Omega Pro. Just looks like my iPhone4 and 5. Metal(Aluminium) alloy outter shell and tempered glass front and back. Black and simple. Non-soft navigation keys. Has 3GB of memory and 16GB NAND flash, supported external memory (TF) as up to 128GB. What a nice one.

So could you imagine how its price is? Just under 140USD.

Blackview_OmegaPro_03 Blackview_OmegaPro_02 Blackview_OmegaPro_01

I don’t know how Chinese manufacturer could be made this stuff in this price. But specification is looks really over nice in price.

Screenshot from 2015-09-15 15:37:48

MTK 64bit 8 cores ARM CPU and 2400mAh of non-replaceabled battery. Supports overall networks. Wow… HD resolution in 5″ is acceptable if you don’t need use 3D head gear like Oculus Rift (Head Mount Display). May 2400mAh of battery will be nice in HD LCD resolution with Android OS.

I will continue to make purchase and write a review after previous Blackview Alife S1.

Blackview Alife S1 ?


I am very insterested in a new product of China’s Blackview Alife S1 android smartphone. It looks like my LG PRADA 3.0 shape that running as on this smallest mobile server. It sales on just 110 USD in Ali-Express, how wonderful price is! Its specification noted on their seller’s page and I copied to here.

  • CPU : Mediatek MTK6732 / Quad-core ARM-64bit-Cortex-V7 @ 1.5GHz
  • RAM : 2GB
  • NAND : 16GB
  • Supported 2G (GSM) :  850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • Supported 3G (WCDMA) : 900 / 2100 MHz
  • Supported LTE (FDD) : 800 / 1800 / 2600 MHz
  • Battery : Internal (non-replace) 2000MAh
  • SIM slots : Dual (Nano SIM + Micro SIM) or One TF + Micro SIM (up to 32GB)
  • Screen factor : 5″ (1280x720p, HD) JDI LCD ( LED backlight )
  • Rear camera : 13Mpixels of Samsung module (they are described as latest SEC module)
  • Front camera : 5Mpixels
  • IrDA : remote control like LG device !

Ok. It’s enough to use as an unlocked android phone. Dark colored and NON-SOFT-NAVIGATION is really looks good for me. It has not hatred plastic back cover like most of android devices – it is really suck … Big screen factor and low resolution may helpful to enjoying games and saving energy even it has only 2Ah of Lithium based battery. Basically it has dual SIM slots but one is switched to using TF memory up to 32GB (Oh … 32GB ?) and it will comfort to used in prepaid SIM for world wide travel.

Non-soft-navigation may really good for using full screen and fast accessing android system. It means I don’t need to see frozen soft navigation, no more !

I will buy this ASAP and write a review.

… Really price is matter !

Solve a case: Cinnamon just crashed you are currently running Fallback Mode.


Did you have any experience in above pop up dialog in Mint Linux ? I have. It’s occured by changing video adaptor to nVidia GeForce8400GS from Internal(Idiot) Intel graphics. My Mint Linux version was 17.1 x86 32bit and running under 6GB system memory with PAE support.

I was prepared to changing new graphic card to get accelerated GUI expect fast response from my monitor withour crashing openGL texture breaking by Idiot Intel graphics, yeah.

If you want use nVidia accelerated Cinnamon and its effects like Compiz, could be choice two ways: Download nVidia driver from them, or using apt-get. I was failed to updating nVidia driver to using apt-get thru Ubuntu repository. Cinnamon failed to start like above and I need to use “Fallback mode”. So I recommend to download manufacturer driver pack and install it in terminal mode.

Install nVidia driver in terminal.

Stop all X services with “cinnamon-*” and “mdm”. It is really simple to entering virtual terminal whenever you can hit keys by “Ctrl+Alt+F1 or F2 ..”. You will see fully blacked screen and some texts with “You may logged in, right now. I am blinking cursor”.

Let’s be logged in with your ID and password (if you don’t have ID and password? How did you get logged in your desktop? or Don’t know minimal security, ever). now find cinnamon services.

You will see 3 or 4 process are running now. just kill them all. and you will see again a screen of Mint Linux log in. Let’s back to virtual terminal hitting by previous keys “Ctrl+Alt+F1 or 2 ..”.

And just stop “mdm”.

Now move to downloaded directory like “Download”, and change permission then run it. ( I used 340 build for my GeForce 8400GS.)

You will be see a text based nVidia driver installation, Let’s accept all question with “Yes”. Then it will be done. Now restart “mdm”.

Now you will see missed perfect Cinnamond desktop GUI without any errors. Welcome back. Still Linux is hard to use for normal people like doesn’t understand what is different about driver and kernel, or application.

Why trying to hack this site?


Everytime to logging in dashboard of this site, As you can sens what it is using Word Press, I can see blocked IPs to logging with unknown user IDs.

I just want to know why?

Is here looks like a treasure island?

Is here looks many valuable datas in server?

Nehy…. it is just a small server using old and discontinued dual core ARM cpu of TI electronics. Not enough memory to running single host, slow file system. There’s no gold bars, no valuable something like to make your money.

Just I want to say to them: Don’t waste your time even you have spare time to enjoying for try to hack. Real hacker don’t try to logging in on Word Press like kids. Kids and Web-Robots just doing this like junks.

Review of Feelook(iSound OEM) DAS-EA03 IEM.


I bought this IEMs in a few days ago from online shop on clearance sale.  It was about over 30.0USD but I could buy it a price of 2.5USD. IEM of model name EA03 is produced with iSound BA transducer. Let see following frequency response of iSound’s measurement report.



According to their F.R. graph, frequency sinks from about 10KHz to over 20KHz. Average response is seems to flatty in 110dB. Really nice in Hi-Fi reference level in graph only.

But real world of EA03 was not so good as I expected in some negative issues. Silicon tips are so weak, too soft fit in my ear-outter-carnal. Actually bundle silicon tips is useless beacause it is too loose for protecting leaking of sound from transducer to carnal in joined hole. So I need change tips to other like this:


And cable is like plastic something. not soft, so everytime I can hear touching noise from IEM through cables. ( solace issue is it could fit on round of ear. it decreases touching noise.) Except these, others are enough for enjoying music and talk. microphone voice quality and button works was excellent in both of OSes – iOS and Android. Hearing of sound was similar like UE Super.Fi3 studio and Super.Fi4. I think these of type in case of single BA IEMs are almost same except only Ettymotic research and Phonak company.

At all, this IEM is a nice for price and quality of sound. If you can buy this, just do it until it ran out of stock. Recommened in 2.5 USD, not over 30.0USD.

Mad Max came out before Fallout 4


Finally MAD MAX came out. I can be Max himself. OK. but price ? wow … there’s no mercy. Let’s see how much it is…


Single pack 59.99 USD … if I want to get some more DLC? its price increases to 79.99 USD. Did WB games undertaken gather more more money ? No way … this is mercyless price. So I determind myself to buy Fallout4 in price of 59.99 USD. Or wait for crazy discounted sale in Steam of summer or winter 🙂