mSATA to SATA 2.5″ rack from AliExpress.

It taken 22 days from China after got a message of wait for delivery, and now installed in my laptop instead of old adaptor.


Quality of build is well good for price ( I paid 4.5 USD ). Hull made  with plastic, bottom is just one PCB. No material like aluminium or steel on shelter. Height was almost 5mm as like single platter HDDs.


Replacing was easy like my old converter (actually it was for Macintosh), and works well. Nothing like re-installing driver.


It seems to be recommended if you don’t like pay more to put your mSATA device to desktop or other laptop.

Doogee X5 Pro rear camera samples.

  • Notice : Images are just resized to 1024px in longer side.

Conclusion ?

Doogee X5 Pro has no camera. Everything is good only except cameras.

But it will be good if you like pictures of cheap fim toy camera. It’s same like them.

Camera? Useless.

Plus here a sample of video. I was configured to record 720p … but it seems to records resizes 240p to 720p. Totally fake.

Just down load below file and play on your local.


A dangerous adventure …


I have determinded to make a deal for dangerous adventure, buying SSD in Ali-Express. Totally paid 69.03 USD included delivery in Chinese registered air post to South Korea. I don’t know name of KingDian, how they are known to market in SouthKorea. But I expect believe people’s review.

Actually I will use this SSD for my old laptop for anti-shaking while using on my knee or in the car. I have an exprience using Sandisk mSATA SSD with converter before in a while. It really enough to using laptop as like iPad for no matter shaking it, or battery life.

But my laptop using low powered i3 version, Pentium whatever. It supports SATA 3 but it doesn’t matter beacause processor speed is not enough handle BUS/IO speed of SSD. It just marks highest SSD functional speed, so I determinded change it for little lower speed model like this KingDian.

I am worry about fake capacity, but I like to believe previous bought user’s review. Writing speed is almst 120GB/sec, that will be enough for my slow laptop, also 240GB with using external storage or, with paid google drive.

PLEASE, Don’t disappoint me, Ali … and KingDian.

Really hate, Yanwen !


About 10 more days ago, I’ve been ordered a mSATA to SATA rack case in Ali-Express. There’s no options to select additional delivery solution without “Chinses Air Mail”, So I just ordered it for about 15 days remain after working days.


It was my misunderstanding.

God**mn seller used Yanwen again, wow, it really makes me crazy. AGAIN ?!


It never tracks out of China, also it is totally FAKE tracking number.

I really hate such as YANWEN…

Doogee X5 Pro OTA for 2015-10-10

Last night, I got a OTA update. and checked what it changed from latest update.

Ye…Yes, it was changed Optimize something and fix bugs again. Nothing like detailed information ever as like most of Google app store app update.


Update version marked 2015-10-10, but actual version displays as 2015.10.08. And I don’t know what it changed except launcher folder changed from before.


Changes: Icons are aligns as “tiles” ?

Next review for a smartphone is …


My next review of smartphone will SISWOO Longbow C55 (Latest verison a.k.a C55 Pro). Actually my plan was Ulefone Paris, but sellers are not keep it in stocked, so I think it need to be wait for far next time.

SISWOO Longbow C55 latest version specification is:

  • CPU : Mediatek MT6753 64bit (8 cores) @ ~1.3GHz
  • GPU : ARM MALI-T720 MP3 @ 450MHz
  • LCD : Dimension 5.5″ @ 720×1280 (HD 720p)
  • RAM : 2GB (maybe DDR3)
  • NAND : 16GB
  • microSD : upto 32GB (but I don’t think so … Blackview Alife S1 supported SDXC 64GB)
  • Bluetooth : 4.0/BLE
  • WiFi : b/g/n, 2.4/5GHz
  • FM : supported.
  • IrDA : supported.
  • Camera : Front 5MP, Rear 13MP
  • SIM : Dual standby ( micro SIM )
  • Battery : dettachable 3300mAh
  • Supported networks
    • 2G/GSM : 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    • 3G/WCDMA : 900/1900/2100MHz
    • 4G/FDD-LTE : 800/1800/2100/2600MHz
  • Android : 5.1

Lacks of Doogee X5 Pro : Price means all.


This will be my final review of Doogee X5 Pro.

Doogee X5 Pro is just an economic smartphone as its price is meaning all, so I writing what lacks.

  • Not supporting OTG.
  • Only double points for multi touching
  • Sensing film reflects as creases under Gorilla glass surface.
  • Bad snap touching sensitivity: You can’t type keyboard in fast, it’s .. important.
  • Strange TFlash mount: External SD card mounts on sdcard0.
  • Most of call recorder app can not recorded!
  • Popular messeger app not appears notification as like Telegram.
  • Some apps are deny install on Google stote.
  • Front and rear camera: you will better to this smartphone has no camera …

I am not recommend this smartphone for complexible usage, Just for simple call and playing simple games. Reading something is a good option, bright and good screen is really nice for price. Call voice quality is really nice, it’s really better than LG or SONY. Listening music is well nice for any headphones or in ears except expensive gears. But don’t recommend fast touching required game like rythem and music.

Any reason to use better smartphone?


We are living thru over half of 2015 and there’s too many options to choose what I need a smartphone or many of them for my life. Most of they are using  really minimalized size with highest integrated CPU like ARM architecture Cortex A52 or above or something alien technology, ha –

When I look around for what people holding on their hands, Almost iPhone or Samsung, and little of LGs in South Korea. Not kind of myself people is not be found easily. I know they are always looking better and proudly for other people’s sight. I suppose to they are actually chosen their smartphone for fully usage of understanding its function for what included.

Most of android smartphones had NFC in South Korea even it excepted wirless charging function that not like overseas selling models. But many people couldn’t know how it works and where it could be used because all korean telecom companies are blocked NFC functions used for public. Without their permission, it is not a good technology. So Kind of big brother company like Samsung doing their own paying market with S-Pay (not spay, hugh … OK) with non-NFC. I think it is similar like Apple even they are used kind of NFC, but its name is not NFC.

People are spending big money for changing their smartphone for lastest model in expensive payment or slavery contracted in over 2 years. They are restrict themself for long term for small electronic device. What a wonderful world ? Sure I was too for my iPhone5, because it is too expensive for lump sum. ( Damn Apple … but I don’t have a choice, I know. )

But if you don’t like to use Apple, and if don’t like to use big brother company like Samsung and LG, Or something others, Try to use Chinese low priced smartphone as like buying used second hand. It will be better than used and get a fresh feeling. Plus bonuse, you can change your cheappy for evety few monthes as money for allotment to paying expensive something.

Sure it is all over your choice. I am still using iPhone5 64GB as primary, with many android phones for enjoying hobby. But if you don’t like to use many, that is absolutely depends on your choice. If I do, I will be 2 year slave of new iPhone6s with enjoying 3D force touch with many accessaries.


Postscript of Doogee X5 Pro.


Doogee X5 Pro is an economic smartphone if you already have good primary phone like Apple iPhone or other majors like LG G4 or Samsung Galaxy S6 or note whatever. Or, It could be good for your young childrens to limit playing heavy games because it to lagging to enjoy them, sorry childrens 🙂

5″ HD resolution screen is enough to watch everything except HMD like high resolution required something. Lacks are no light navi-touch keys on bottom of screen, but it will be better than soft navi. People will outlook each navi buttons place if not seen on dark place with bright screen.

2200mAh capacity may not enough to use in whole a day without recharging battery, because this is an Android phone. It almost decreasing over 10% in 1 hour as reading internet community with SNS related app. If you are playing game? please prepare charing system like Xiaomi battery pack.


You will catch there’s some uncomfortable truth in charging port with headphone hole, They are too closed. You could not be connect USB OTG or bing somethings while hearing musics with headphone. It is an offering for cheap price. Just renounce the comfort.

I don’t think this case is not just for me: most of Android device placed loud speaker to back side, and it became to damage or modulate quality of loud sound. Sometimes sound gone to silent because it blocked with thick farbic to so easy.


But X5 Pro (or just X5, same shape) placed loud speaker to bottom like iPhone or its copycat galaxy whatever. Normal speaker volume is not so loudy but it has BesAudio engine from China – almost of unfamous named android phones has all this engine – and it amplify to really boosted level. So I like to use this option always turned on. (see below the name of “BesLoudness”)


If you like SONY Xperia audio enhancement, BesAudEnh also be liked by you. It is similar like SONY’s clear audio whatever and actually really distort sound but hears like great.

Call audio quality is best than LG or SONY devices. I can feel harmony  in voice call like iPhone. Warm bass and clear voice makes me easy to understand what are saying to me. I don’t need press volume rocker up side continuously like damn sh*t LG or SONY.

And one more. Don’t respect multi touch points as 3 or up to 5. It only sensing 2 points. These are all. If you like to enjoying rythem/music games? Don’t use this. You may shout to “Sh*t WTF is this?!”.

Don’t expect ‘dual stand by SIMs’ in same kind of network of 3G or LTE. It dosen’t work together. It works only GSM/2G with 3G/LTE SIMs in both used. I couldn’t test them in South Korea because there’s no GSM SIM to me. I’ve been tried to make my 3G SIMs in together but it always gone to fail – primary SIM automatically limited to works on 2G network and not be changed by disabled.

WiFi performance is good for home and office.


My iPhone5 not records above result at home ( I am using really old ipTime wireless router and its performance is hell ) but Doogee X5 Pro was great in maximum speed of 801.11g (54Mbps). Maybe X5 Pro could be became to a portable download/upload machine … ?

Actually I don’t understand TFlash mounting policy. Doogee’s (or most of Chinese) Android automatically place TFlash to primary sdcard. It is totally different from Kitkat or my LG D855 (G3) android 5.1.

Doogee X5 Pro is definitely not for primary phone.

But it will good for getting experice about Android if you are already got an iPhone, or expand usage for another Android device. It is an econmic Android OS device for price of under 80 USD even has 2GB memory and 16GB of NAND flash. Judge is just depends on you.