Slow charging of Ulefone Paris.

20151123_215900_HDR 20151123_220040_HDR

 Some people reported Ulefone Paris has problem in charging circuit. So I have checked what amperes measured in USB power in under 80% battery meter in phone. (Actually 72~74 %)

I used 2A supported charger and cables, but Paris seems not accept over 1A current for charging itself as like under iPhone5. It means Paris need minimum 2 hours and 30 minutes for fully charged in best condition. But it may takes 3 hours in real charging condition.

I don’t know is it possible to control in driver level or changing firmware in embedded linux kernel level at Ulefone development part. But I think Paris was not designed for accepting over 1A current power.

Ulefone Paris software review.

It is being continued from my previous preparation article.

Ulefone Paris ( rest is “U-Paris” ) is an economic smartphone from China as looks like Apple iPhone6 series. Main CPU is Mediatek MT6753 64bit 1.3GHz – 8 cores ARM Cortex-A53.

Ulefone Paris Antutu info&score


Installed OS is AOSP based 64bit build of Android 5.1. Ulefone didn’t customized for many functions, so I loved this less-customized OS.

Internal NAND flash used for Samsung 16GB eMMC that was manufactured at August, 2015. So its writing speed is not so fast as modern fastest products. (See below, writing speed is 11.93MB/sec)

Screenshot_2015-11-08-19-03-33  Screenshot_2015-11-23-21-45-51

 I recommend install fastest external micro SDXC for use it as ‘sdcard0’ for install apps as like me. I was installed fastest MLC UHS-1 supported microSDXC for both of like and performance.


Latest OTA was published in 16, Nov. 2015 and it makes U-Paris performance for better. So I could it checked how is it gone for faster.

Screenshot_2015-11-08-19-02-01 Screenshot_2015-11-23-21-51-49

 And battery life has little bit shorter than before after latest OTA update. I think it is acceptable for performance, actually I think most people could not sens how it been shorter because U-Paris has not big battery.

I love some special functions for make it difference between other Chinese enconomic smartphone is like this. I could kill all running apps on multi-tasking screen by one touch for “Remove All”.


It make U-Paris to runs in good performanced and I could control app state in easy way. And changing font is basically possible for default setting app.


I just select my styled font and download it then use it. That’s all for simply changing way. Sure it is not for all languages, sadly seems to applied in English based languages.

U-Paris has also need some works for disable useless apps like these:


And I remove some widgets like “Auto Launching Widget”. This widget automatically launch newly installed app, but I removed it.

Battery like is seems to normal as like most of Android smartphone what capacity has similar to 2200mAh.


You could be buy new battery for replace exhausted one for new, or using external charging battery pack as like me. It’s all up to your choice, but I strongly recommend use after choice for protect your finger nails. U-Paris had really strong battery cover back and it makes your nails be destroyed if you try open back in bare condition.

U-Paris also has negative issues.

  • WiFi supports only for 2.4GHz
  • No NFC.
  • No HotKnot.
  • Limited accessaries.
  • Little bit slow charging speed ( accepts 0.9~1 Amperes for USB charging )

Among them, limited supporting for 2.4GHz WiFi is makes people’s choice for little bit narrow. Some place need 5GHz WiFi for stable web surfing, but it doesn’t  make comfort seat.

U-Paris is really nice economical smartphone for price of 120 to 150 USD from China. Enough performance will helps your smart life, and low price also make other chances for saving money.

Latest casing arrived.

In about 2 weeks later when it resigned to more smaller, now I could got a latest model.

Left end is latest modeling.

Latest case material changed for matted plastic and going for fianl release with IrDA blaster detacheable module in middle.

IMG_20151120_171555 IMG_20151120_171533

This case is real hull of containing latest circular PCB, and changed some ports position – and still in changing ports layout with components.


I will contiue to write a new post if I have change anything.


Prepare for a new review, Ulefone Paris.

I was really interested in this iPhone6 like smartphone since it published to on pre-sale item on AlieExpress.

Ulefone Paris #1

Ulefone Paris #1
Ulefone Paris #1

Ulefone “Paris” seems to a downgraded model of “Be Touch 2”, and it also looks like iPhone6, too. but obviously it is not an iPhone6 or 6s. An android phone of chinese company “Ulefone”.

Ulefone Paris #2


“Paris” also CNC manufactured for metal middle frame as like iPhone6, and bottom sided mic and speaker is similar. It’s really nice design for not like other Android phones to losing or modulating loud speaker on flat place with putted on there.

But there’s no hole for micro USB port like Apple’s lightning, it’s different from iPhone. It’s just same-like in really good price for middle performance smartphone.

“Paris” placed micro USB port on upper side with 3.5m/m headphone jack. It may a weak point for resist rain drop to me. Just relieved for it’s not too close charging port and headphone jack like Doogee X5 Pro. So I don’t need to worry for using thick charging cable head with thick headphone head end.

This phone has dettachabled batteries, double micro SIM slots with external micro SDXC slot up to 128GB. Escpecially thickness is really thin as like iPhone, so maybe its rear camera module need more thicker than others, but its design was not bad, actually looks nice with metal bezel.

I’d like these touching navigation, “Paris” applied breathe LED on navigation touch area, so you may see white LED on home with each side for menu and back. Android signal LED placed on upper be side of ear speaker. That indicates charging state, notifies of Android.
Mediatek CPU MT6753 has 8 cores running at 1.3GHz with Mali-T720 GPU. “Paris” has bright 5″ HD IPS LCD with On cell technology for sensitive touch. 720p resolution is much enough for 5″ size of this, and comfort to playing game or watching videos except using for HMD.
Battery capacity is 2250mAh of SONY, Omni vision camera modules each mounted on 5MP for front, 13MP for rear. Not so bad for image quality, but it seems to still be a problem in Mediatek ISP in low light.

Now I am preaparing write a review for this, and hope to coming up soon.

New AnyStreaming circular board.

OK, It taken a little bit long time to done for redesign schematic logics, and it almost done for loosing size for more smaller. Almost of power logics put downside of PCB, then heatabled components are come up sides.

Lastest mockup case may going to more smaller because new circualr PCB gone for smaller than before. Still it need be adjusted for the best result.


New case design launched, and now it is proceeding for the final release.

What is AnyStreaming ?


“AnyStreaming” is a device that broadcasting HDMI input. It is not like ChromeCast or MiraCast, actually works different way as below image.


HDMI input accepts basically 1.4 version for works, under versions will compatibled but not warranty for AnyStreaming sens it connected as well. And supports Wi-Fi and UTP-45 (LAN) cable connection in both, but I recommend to use wired connection with your good AP/router for best result in multimedia and game plays. Built in Wi-Fi module was designed for boosted for maximum performance of 11b/g except ‘n’ – ‘n’ mode acually possible in hardware level, but AnyStreaming CPU couldn’t handle ‘n’ mode with bad performance so I disabled this in Kernel driver.

HDMI input


I’ve been designed for compatibles with all version of HDMI input, and it works almost except bad HDMI cables. It accepts maxmimum 1080p/60Hz with stereo channel audio input. And processing it to hardware MPEG-4 encoder in realtime as knwon as H.264 and AAC-LC. Quality automatically adjusted but user could change it for customize own needs.


It was designed for Wireless only in first plan, but it changed to support both for user’s maximum experience in gaming. Now wireless module supports own AP mode and client with UTP-45 LAN cable.

HID controlled


It has a USB port for like OTG, actually it is a USB-HID controller. User could be control host system by 3 different ways, or both: a keyboard, a mouse, a joypad.


Each different device registers on your host system as like Windows, Linux, Mac, XBox360 and PlayStation2/3. User could be switched different input in client device as like Android phone to host. For example, A user connected Joypad via OTG cable to Android phone and AnyStreaming app converting joypad movement to mouse on host system. Each different converting able to programming as like macro, too.

And IrDA blaster module designed to accessing NEC formatted protocols. User could be record own remote controller signal to AnyStreaming app and use it for remote area as like school or office. If you connected HDMI port with CCTV and recorded most of important remote controller signal in AnyStream app, you are become a security administrator of your home. You can watch CCTV in realtime with DDNS of AP router, and control any electronics has IrDA receiver – like TV or Audio amp.

And more

I’ve been make it for adaptable development by upgrading or modding with external micro SD card slot if developer has licensed and educated in system engineer (But I’m not sure it could be possible). Normal user could be add more funny functions by using open APIs in our repositiory, and make new app by own skill with freeware license with open source.

KingDian S400XT 240GB SATA3 SSD

In long days after, it arrived at home for over 20 days from China. KingDian SSD seems like most of microSD package as simple transparency plastic bag with simple paper what written in could be not understand. There’s a scratch seems for a prize, but I don’t understand what written it in.

I did benchmark with CrystalBench5.x. Sandisk SSD was marked almost 500MB/sec for sequencial writing, but KingDian was not so.


Writing speed is over 100MB/sec, but it is not like modern SSD speed in size of 240GB to 256GB models. Actually I couldn’t check this SSD used MLC NAND flash. But speed of result may  on suspicion of TLC.

Whatever it is, price take over all negatives in under 70 USD if it is really used MLC. Capacity of 240GB seems to real. I write almost of this SSD for testing, and it was passed to OK. Actual feeling of performance is good. My laptop boots under 10 seconds in complete to show Windows7 login. Can’t feels laggy, it is very comfort to use most of Win32 heavy programs even Libre Office. (I don’t have M$ Office)

Not really recommend this SSD for your main desktop PC or laptop, but you could be adventure for old, or sub laptop for enhancing performance. It will be much better than any HDDs. It is really different world.

A new model, again?

 Wow, It’s again. Samsung made new models again! It’s J. Maybe J5 means 5″ screen size, and J7 is 7″. Wow, amazing ! Let’s see what they are producing:

  • S & Note whatever: Expensive ! Top functions !
  • A: Middle high ranged
  • E: Middle low ranged
  • O: reserved yeah.
  • H: reserved yeah too !
  • J: What? low ?

It’s like massive production with no cares it sales or what. Just a behavior to cornering and hoarding. Don’t cares support, just how many people be slaved. Poor. It’s really poor.

Nayh, Samsung, Stop making models if you don’t care suporting OS.

What is AnyStreaming.

Secondary developing board (not for release)

I am a developer of this amazing device as named as AnyStreaming.  It was launched on KickStarter and everybody can visit here even you, URL =

AnyStreaming is a simply HDMI to RTSP broadcasting device. Plus I’ve been added more enjoyable functions to playing game in any device if have HDMI out as like PlayStation3, XBox and PC.

AnyStreaming receive 1080p video with stereo audio thru HDMI port, then it encodes in hardware based realtime MPEG-4 H.264 with AAC-LC. Encoded stream data (video&audio) broadcasts onto air or wired as WiFi and LAN cable in your home network.

IrDA module for normal remote control
IrDA module for normal remote control

Plus more, it has hardware HID (Human Interface Device) – Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick. It means you can control host device (PC or Game devices if it has standard USB or USB-OTG) in remote by any hand held device like your smart phone. IrDA module can read NEC formatted IrDA protocol for now (I am trying to read almost of IrDA protocols now). It means education ready – so you can add your own multi function remocon as like LG Q-Remote or, Chinese ZaZaRemote.

My destination is for playing my PC games (yeah, I am a slave of Steam) anywhere in my home. I can play PC game in other room with my wife even watching TV if I set Anystream put on PC as duplicated monitor out with HDMI port.

For understanding what is AnyStreaming, see below our Youtube.

Siswoo C55 first impact.

It was taken 6 days to my hand after order changed to delivery waiting. Siswoo C55 was passed thru e-EMS from China to South Korea in safety, no damages found.

Siswoo C55 pre-installed 64bit of Android 5.1, so some benchmark app required additional un-trusted installation of APK like Antutu-64bit. (I just trusted them to proceed benchmark) Sore normally over 34K. Just comfort to use without lags. 2GB of system memory was enough to run a heavy game on HD resolution of 5.5″ LCD screen. 16GB system NAND flash (maybe eMMC) was enough speed to accessing files (better than Doogee X5 Pro).
Specially 5.5″ size is makes everything bigger than 5″ LCD smartphone and low resolution of HD(720p) be seen corss stripes of each pixels as like my iPad mini 1 ( 768×1024 ). Actually I don’t care this resolution but some people may not like this.


Battery capacity was 3300mAh. But I can sens it little bit fast to running out while I downloading apps and playing game. I don’t determinds because of fast running out is reason of SIM card not inserted.


Mediatek MT6753 CPU, 8 cores are Siswoo C55 makes smoothely works. I don’t need worry about some apps not works. Mali-T720 ported to support OpenGL ES 3.1. Actually Open GL ES 3.1 benchmark performance was not fast as like high performanced some other expensive devices. But I don’t care about this because C55 may used for reading novels or comics.


Internal storage performance was much better than such as 4 cored MT6 series. Everything is better than my previous review of Blackview Alife S1. If you have interested in this large phone (a.k.a phablet), and worry about performance in life, you don’t need to do, It is really enough.


Total performance maybe similar like to using Google Nexus 5 with more big screen. Don’t expect on cameras. All mediatek ISP seems has problem in processing image on low light. Siswoo C55 camera active response is enough to take still shots, but quality is not better than old Qualcom’s ISP.

Adjusting audio quality is all same like modern mediatek product – besAudio engine provides fun to listen music for any mid-low cost heaphones. It is definitely not for Hi-Fi. But I love to hearing with my single BA IEMs as like SONY or iSound.

This phablet may the best position in under 130 USD.

A 3300mAh battery, Metallic outter linear shelter(actually it is coated layer, not metal), loudy loud speaker, 5 finger sensing bright 5.5″ LCD screen, AOSP based Android 5.1. Dual micro SIM slots, TFlash slot with no prblem in use 64GB UHS-1 (I’d already installed), OTG supported.

I will bring here more detailed review ASAP.