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This server runs on iptime router and DDNS also.

In the new year, my home router reservated to Gigabit ethernet, and old iptime router fade away to the past.

There’ one problem of turn off to the offline for a while because new Gigabit ethernet not support DDNS and there’s not me because I’m biz trip to Las Vegas !

I guess my little server will back to different DDNS name.

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Oukitel K4000 review #2/2


This article continued from http://rageworx.ddns.net/index.php/oukitel-k4000-review-unboxing/.

Oukitel K4000 is economical priced smartphone from China. It’s durable and heavy weight by big battery capacity. It’s not dealt in physically.

*OTA reminded*

K4000 has OTA updated in ‘Wireless update’ in app drawer. K4000 has no option to check OTA update in defualt setting.


Be make sure your OTA update in latest version to solve bugs or enhanced experience. There’s many UI or App lacks. My latest update was 2015-12-09.

Default lancher

Screenshot_2015-12-26-16-21-46  Screenshot_2015-12-26-16-22-13

 K4000 pre-installed AOSP based launcher3 without no Google search box on upper screen – I love this because it never used on me – but empty area left and never be used. It may lack of detailed adjustment of Chinese manufacturer. And app drawer has no arrange option ! There’s many lacks for user’s experience. If you can change default launcher app to different one as like Nova Launcher.

Default storage +

K4000 has 16GB of storage and left 11.67GB for free space, and eMMC from Samsung – And my most Chinese Android phones are using Q823MB eMMC of Samsung – It may be the best condition to them.

Screenshot_2015-12-16-22-25-27 Screenshot_2015-12-17-13-44-00

  And my SDcard was from netcom. I’m not sure it is MLC or not, but checked benchmark with A1 SD bench app.

Screenshot_2015-12-17-13-43-51 Screenshot_2015-12-17-14-27-02

Default eMMC scored 26 MB/sec, not bad, but scored 17MB/sec as internal memory. And my SD card was 13MB/sec. K4000 DDR3 memory speed was 1.6GB/sec as like other Chinese manufacturer.

Antutu Benchmark

Screenshot_2015-12-17-10-20-38 Screenshot_2015-12-17-13-39-18

 K4000 scored 24330 as like most of MT6735P CPUs. Actually it is not for gaming performance. Low performance CPU is saving your battery life. Also it doesn’t need to worry about heatting up as like fastest models.

Battery life

Screenshot_2015-12-19-19-36-59 Screenshot_2015-12-20-18-47-39

 Battery life is main feature of K4000. Normal usage displays battery life to over a day. Charging speed seems to support fast ( not quick like over 9V support ) than Ulefone Paris or Blackview Alife S1.


K4000 also need to turn off DEBUG mode if you are in first use. Go to setting and scroll down to end of page, then you will find ‘DEBUG’. Select it and turn off. It must be first to do.

And no function to like ‘Auto start management’ and ‘App permission control’.

Plus, OTA menu not in setting as decribed before. User need to run app in App drawer.

Some minor bugs, or not: It’s not major problems but some functions has slow down or frame rate dropped animation appears in life usage. But it not disturbe my usage. But it may opposed issue for sensitive users. But I recommend to care about price. There’s no deal with this price.


  • Really nice LCD: 5″ 720p HD IPS.
  • Wide ranged bright sensor: LCD bright control range is wider than other.
  • Low energy cost system with big capacity battery.
  • Bundle protective shell case with screen film.
  • Good lound speaker.
  • Europe standard earphone plug: Some users may need get converting gender.
  • Just rear camera of 8Mpixel: 13Mpixel means software resizing.
  • Single LED flash light of rear camera.
  • Just front camera of 5Mpisel: You can identify yourself is a human. OK.
  • Hardware touching navi keys.
  • GPS works well.
  • 4000mAh of battery !
  • OTG works well
  • Really strong front glass: You can search Nailing with front screen on Youtube.
  • Good speaker for talk, recording well.
  • Europe standard mic-earphone jack needed.
  • Useless USB bundle charger.
  • Life water resist (as describe by Oukitel)

Good for your long life battery smartphone.

But don’t imagine best performance.

Oukitel K4000 review #1/2

Oukitel K4000 was a smartphone what I have interested in big battery capacity on 5″ IPS HD display with metal framed outter shelter. I bought in AliExpress favor seller and got it in 2 weeks later with DHL. Actually it was late for delivered to my home because seller has problem in really many orders became a reason.

Ok, whatever reason of delay, I got it in safety package and it works well. So I can write this review now.

Oukitel is one of brand of Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Low price is their primary feature and quality is not bad in price.

K4000 is a Android based economical smartphone that support dual micro SIM slots with micro SDXC for increase capacity for your primary file system – most Chinese smartphones using Android 5.1 and their external SD card is become ‘sdcard0’ mount position to store your intstalled app and most of activities in app.

K4000 packaged in red orange colored boxing with their brand ‘OUKITEL’.

Box is made with thick paper and some specification written in below of it.


K4000 is well placed in middle of box and there was some broken of mine.


A screen protective film already put on front but I need remove dust in adhesive side. You may need double sided adhesive tape to remove dirst easily.


K4000 already include protective soft shell case and it has good quality, then it makes no need to buying new protective shell case. And speaker hole placed in bottom and center of back.


Pull out a layer of contained K4000, and can see some accesarries: A USB cable, earphone and USB charger.


USB charger is really useless, power is not enough to charge in fast – 5V 600mA. It just used to testing phone charge, and put it back to box.

Now open back cover and see inside. There’s dual standby micro SIM slots and one SD card slot. As their specification, maximum capacity of SD card limited to 64GB. I was put MLC 32GB SDHC for safety data life with fast speed ( about above 20MB/sec in write )

IMG_20151216_215611 IMG_20151216_215155

Battery is totally 4000mAh ( so it named as K4000 ? ) and compared with my G3 battery ( 3000mAh ), it is more thicker and bigger than BL-48TH. So weight of phone gone for heavier than other. Maybe some people doesn’t like this weight but I love to for long up time.


And must be remembered to peel off blue transparency tape on battery to use it.

As before described, K4000 made with metal middle frame and it makes durable but heavy.


And K4000 earphone plug is not standard of US. You may need a gender for switch ground and mic polar to hear sound correctly, and control volume up, down and play/stop/talk button.


And don’t expect perfect CNC milling, as see below, there’s some difference in level. It’s definitionally not like iPhone or major brand.

IMG_20151216_214621 IMG_20151216_214604 IMG_20151216_214921 IMG_20151216_215011

In price of 119 USD, I love this smartphone for secondary position. Weight is little bit heavy for big battery and metallic middle frame. Really strong front gorilla glass 3rd gen. makes me don’t worry about breaking out my phone screen. ( You could be search K4000 nail screen in Youtube )

And now continue to review of basic UI.


Navigator plan to put ad. with removing it with IAP.


Navigator (Mapfactor’s) is an Android navigation app what I thought it is the best of world wide supported with Open map. And now I am doing translate work for them as volunteer with no fee. (even also donated with IAP to them)

I latest translate, I could find something new words related in new In App Purchases a.k.a Premium functions to removing advertisements, OTIS server and HUD (head up display on your windshield).

I don’t know how much priced to removing ad. or HUD, but it will not for Koreans, because many Korean navigation apps already supporting all functions in 100% free for Androids and iPhone/iPad, already.

Lexar microSDHC (MLC) 32GB dirty test.


I bought this small expensive but like sh*t SDHC for Doogee X5 Pro in a month ago. And now test it for dirty test with old version of CrystalDiskMark 5.0.2 in a week ago. (Tested on USB3.0 port with Windows7 64bit)


Performance? What is that? A kind of food?

It is really expensive than other MLC based products. Oh, most of sellers are cost down their price. but I don’t like recommend this little expensive sh*t. Why they are selling old stockpiles to as a new in unacceptable price ? Who warranty my datas? Just they are playing upon words:Lifetime warranty – that lifetime is not your life time. Just producing time for same product. Don’t misunderstand their plaything.

Kingston Data Traveler OTG USB2.0 Benchmark


Such shape of above USB drives are always performance really doomed as my experience. I bought it for using OTG backup for my Chinese friends without any expect of high perf.

Here I tested this little drive with CrystalDiskMArk 5.1.0 64bit in USB2.0 and 3.0 port (all same because this drive is not USB3.0). Sequencial writing speed is 10~13MB/sec. Yes, it also doomed. Horrible performance is just OK for 16GB. No more capacity will kill me for waiting write be done for big files.


I don’t recommend any small USB drive without Sandisk USB3.0. Sandisk improved their TLC flash drive performance with SSD controller with maximum speed as like old SSD series. I wanna say to stop making this sh*t likes…

An utility adaptor extends your laptop SD slot as a drive.

I bought this adaptor in AliExpress at 0.85 USD per a piece for extend my storage for old Lenovo E120 laptop. My laptop was installed 320GB 7.2K rpm HDD but changed it for 240GB SSD. Performance naturally increased but I lost about 100GB of storage, So I wanted extend more storage with my laptop SD slot.

Most of laptop SD slot has not full size depth for easily pull out SD card from slot with your fingers, actually it is a kind of  manufacturer’s cost reduction. So most of modern laptop has short depth SD slot and normal SD card may half of body exposed out from SD slot, and it became a issue of broken SD card or slot while you are moving your laptop in your hand or bag.

So I have a plan to use this SD slot for adaptabled extending storage with safe sized micro SD adaptor, and I found one in AliExpress.

Delivery was really hell, I need to wait for more a month – Actually it arrived in 45 days after I paid. And limited compatibles SDXC manufacturer was disappointed me. This adaptor not recognized with Transcend SDXCs. Only works with all under size of 32GB, or Sandisk’s 64GB. I don’t like to use Samsung or Sandisk – they are expensive junk. But there’s no choice to me – and I’d put an expensive trash to this adaptor in my SD slot. It just works well in very slow speed – reading about 30MB/sec and writing is about under 15MB/sec. What a beautiful junk of bad company? It is marked as UHS-1. Expensive than Transcend, and performance is half. Life ? It’s TLC. What I expect?

I don’t recommend buy this for your MacBook. It definitely not fit your SD slot. Also most of laptop also has same problem in depth – It is too short for them, I was need to modify structure of this litttle junk.

If I score this, I will give 2 of 5.

ES File Explorer configuration move to Pro

ES Global launched for “Pro” (about 3 USD ) their primary app known as “ES File Explorer”. They are prepared to launching purchased version of ES File Explorer since year of 2015, as updating normal app to adding useless dirty functions with advertisement.

Case of me, has no choice for really easy way to managing files with multiple internet cloud service without ES File Explorer. It’s really easy way to be controlled in only one app for many thing to do.

So I explain how to keep configuration from free version to purchased app.


Ok, First, You may run ES File Explorer (Free). If you are confusing which is free and purchase, just check Homepage for a word of “Click me to get ES Pro Version”. That mean you are using free.
Now select left sided menu by touching 三 or menu key.


Then you select “Settings” of left side menu.


Now select “Backup settings”.


And touch to select “Backup”.


And Let select “OK” on dialog. ES File Browser will compress configurations to an ZIP file on your /sdcard/ path. Now close ES File Browser.

Then let’s run Pro version.


You may see different GUI from free version. Let’s enter to “Backup” and “Restore”.

Screenshot_2015-12-06-14-06-07Screenshot_2015-12-06-14-06-16Screenshot_2015-12-06-14-06-26 Screenshot_2015-12-06-14-06-35

When you get corrected menu, appears “Restore” dialog, and you could select “/secard/ESSettings.zip”. It is normal. Just select “OK” to proceed.


The you can see restored app main. Color changed to free version, but bottom menu not recovered. But don’t worry about addtional network servers like Google cloud, it already recovered on your network window of ES File Browser Pro.

Next is Oukitel K4000


My next review will be Oukitel K4000 (black) from Chinese main land. It used magnesium metal alloy for main frame seems like to other Android phones thoes are used same structure. Only difference is this phone not made with duralumin alloy.

K4000 advertised their strong front screen glass. They are using K4000 as a hammer, see below Youtube video.

I hope it is really in life durable smartphone for limited waters and scratch resisted. And a great battery capacty of 4000mAh at low energy costed CPU !