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Ulefone Paris X pended.

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AlieExpress has some problems in today, most sellers are doing inferior actions for buyers as like lying they are stocked goods. In case of me, RTDT whatever seller gave me they are already stocked Paris X, and I trusted them. So it gone far to an unfunny short dramatic performance…. Read more »

Coming soon: Ulefone Paris X

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I have determined to buy new Ulefone Paris X for testing append to Ulefone Paris. This device seems to a minor version of Ulefone Paris. CPU and camera module gone to downgraded: MK6753 octa core CPU to MK6735 quad core, and 13Mpixels camera to 8Mpixels. Actually Ulefone Paris has high… Read more »

Revive suddendeath boards.

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At last day, I found reason why some AS boards going dying HID device controller. It was a reason of HID control chipset had narrow clock sensitive. I was try to adjust fastest working clock and it may not right clock for it. (Actually chipset provider does not support us)… Read more »

New network improved.

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It was hard work to late midnight for making my little friend connected and has a new name. My old router – now just a junk sh*t – iptime burried to grave, may I’ll never buy iptime whatever. Still this little friend has some problems in cached data and now… Read more »

My little server came back !

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My little server came back with free services a.k.a New address is !  

New router has no option to DDNS !

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Wow, wonderful ! KT (Olleh) gigabit ethernet is an amazing experience, but router really sucks. Now I am running back to old iptime router…