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Tennmak Dulcimer & Porcelain simple review

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I got these two IEH(In-Ear Headphone) from Mr.Tony of China via Ali-Express. Mr.Tony (Tennmak is a trade mark & name of hist company) – He was gave it to me for testing and little review, so I don’t have perfect packaging. Each different two IEHs are Dulcimer and Porcelain –… Read more »


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About 2 more weeks ago, I have interested in new cheap IEM(or IEH) as debut to 600M from Remax in really nice price under 30 USD ! So I have to try this. It actually took over 2 weeks and few days from China to South Korea. Packaging was looks… Read more »

Fitbit dongle …

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I have two of this dongle for Fitbit, for me and my wife. And we are using iPhones to synchronizing datas. Actually it doesn’t works well in Windows 10 ! So I checked what it used driver for works as :

What is this …? HID ? Wow, it… Read more »

Recovered from unstable reboot.

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My server didn’t wake up again after auto reboot mechanism. It seems to be a reason of SOFT-REBOOT a.k.a FAST REBOOT. So I adjusted it to DEEP REBOOT for every day with automated backup. Hope my server keep going for more years … or, use a new Chinese budget smartphone… Read more »

Ulefone Paris X coming again.

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This little iPhone6 like cheappy smartphone taken too long for order again in AliExpress ‘cuase Chinese new year holyday. It was too long days for wait. Now it is going to shipping by DHL from china, may take more longer than before because there’s may extremely delayed packages in there… Read more »