Doogee F5 review in 3 weeks.


Since I bought this budget phabletphone about a month ago, I paid about 129 USD in AliExpress, include e-EMS shipping fee. My previous experience about doogee X5 Pro was not bad except only 2 touch points makes unstable touching.


Fortunately F5 not defected only except dark shading problem on bottom of screen, it mostely occurs to Chinese smartphones. Outter shell made well, feels durable with little bit sharpness each edges but not harmful.


Fingerprint sensor seems fast to identify my finger, but sometimes it fails continousely by put finger in different degrees, and its security setting application seems not stylish as like modern designed apps – much looks like chinese children made quality, actually it is sucks, but I could accept thSONY DSC

All buttons and SIM tray placed on right side, it may depends on people flavor, but not for me. Little bit difficult to control phone than others.

SIM tray is not polished itself, each edges are too sharp – maybe you can hurted, So I used sandpaper to be abrased for safe and smooth deattach tray.

Stagefright defection

Latest update contains Stagefright CVE-2015-6602 libutils vulnerable problem. I used fix this problem with SP Flash tool with modified TWRP recovery image and stagefright fix so package for MT6753 CPU.

I strongly recommend to patch this defection by yourself. Doogee not patch this defection – Most chinese manufacturer not concern defections. So people may need manage by self.


doogee F5 android OS belongs to AOSP build, not recommend to use default launcher3. I’m using Nova Launcher for fill many app icons to 5.5″ big screen. Default launcher places too less icons on 5.5″ scrren, it seems like use to no purpose space.


As like other MT6753 CPU based devices, F5 performance is almost like Qualcomm snapdragon 600 32bit series.


Latest version of Antutu Benchmark scored 36867, moderate for use in life even it enough most of games except heavy graphic games. T720 MP3 graphic unit is not much powerful than other. Actually I don’t like to playing heavy graphic games on smartphone.


Internal DDR3 memory and eMMC runs fast, it is really nice than other similar spec smartphones. Specially eMMC performance was excellent in this price.


Hynix eMMC 16GiB, model HAG2e used for internal storage and it not disappoint performance to install app and launch it faster than similar priced smartphones.


I used external storage sdcard to Barum electronics MLC UHS-1 card. It shows performace at 77% at real UHS-1 card readers – almst over 22MB/sec in writing speed at UHS-1 USB 3.0 reader.

Fake sensors

I was disappointed this issue, some built in sensors not work actually – Magnet field, Orientation and Rotation vector. It identified as just installed but not actually senses metered.


It may occurs some problem when you use this phabletphone as car navigation system. Your position and direction turns around randomly and it may annoying yourself.

Battery & Charge

Some sellers are written as 3000mAh battery capacity, but DON’T TRUST IT. doogee F5 is 2660mAh battery capacity in official specification (see here: Don’t expect long battery life. And it doesn’t support 9V or 12V applied quick charge. It means just accept 5V 2A power while it charged to 75%.

WiFi problem

This device supports 5GHz WiFi signals but not works correctly for long. It automatically turns down for about 5 to 10 minutes after using WiFi, then I can’t search any 5GHz AP names on WiFi setting menu – yes, it turned down in 5GHz. So I need choose 2.4GHz AP again to continue using internet. If you are want to use internet connection in stable situation, don’t use 5GHz WiFi AP. It may cause of randomly disconnect of your internet.

Now I understand why other MT6753 CPU models are blocked 5GHz WiFi support…


This phabletphone is good choice for price. Actually I didn’t resfected all fucntions works well. Just Ok for use it for enjoying multiple works like downloading torrent and watching video in large screen than my iPhone5. Just use it for your secondary device, not for primary.

Vernee Thor is next.


Actually I disappointed in Cubot Note S and such as cheaper models under 100 USD from China. But this Vernee is new in among them, and reputation is not bad in real users in the world. So I tried for make final experience in such as cheaper smartphone from China.

According to their specification, Is it one of brothers who name used MT6753, 8 cores ARM CPU from Mediatek. Used MALi T720 MP3 runs on 430MHz GPU, 2800mAh battery with Android 6.0. Maybe it is first time of Android 6.0 of MT6753 series for me. Gorilla galss 3 may give me experience that doesn’t need put anti scratch film on screen, but I bought 10pcs from other seller in AliExpress, hugh.

Fortunately this budget smartphone supported 3G/LTE frequency is also availed in South Korea, actually my carrier KT(Olleh) supports these: 3G/WCDMA 900 and 2100MHz, LTE(FDD, a.k.a 4G) 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600MHz. Some nations are not supports LTE/4G network.


WiFi seems still less support to 5GHz, I don’t know why they are not support 5GHz, but most budget smartphones are exactly not doing same. Only Doogee F5 is supporting 5GHz WiFi – but not stable.

And Less sensors, it meaning your car driving navigation exactly not works in your direction when you stopped. Sometimes it makes me dizzy while driving car. It may not for drivers, just walking people.

Ok, I don’t know how fast it be shipped and delivered to me. Hope it works well to me.

USB 3.0 SATA external HDD case from AliExpress

I was need a new empty external HDD case for using old SATA2 HDDs from replaced by SSDs from AliExpress. Actually most of sellers are sales this kind of item priced about above 20 USD in South Korea, actually this not-understandable price is reason of support USB 3.0.

stock img

So I bought one form AliExpress, and it took over 20 days from China, meh … But it is enought to wait for delivered for price! Some sellers are selling exactley same item on about 20 USD in South Korea.


It was delivered in untracked air post with air filled shock resist post bag. There’s nothing like manual to what I to do before make it combined, OK, whatever, I can use it. HDD case simpley closed without screw bolts, An USB 3.0 male-to-male short cable and totally 3 not used tiny screw bolts.


There’s nothing to shock resist material inside, If I using it for HDD, maybe I need some sponge to fix HDD inside case with resist minimal shock.


And PCB was glued with half-transparency something that used for fixing light-weight objects. It is removed so easily pulling down PCB by hand. So I used good adheisive in each side of be fixed, and let for a day. If you are using this HDD case, may need a good adhesive for fixing like multi targeted rubber based one. Plus flat sponge tape or similar something to fix your HDD inside of this case.


Connecting was easy to standard A type USB 3.0 plug and two colored LED – red, blue – shows it powered and working now. I loved connector is not like micro connector – it is expensive than this HDD case or hard to buy easily.


I have tested most of my SATA2 devices on USB3.0. Well, it works fine, fortunately don’t need to worry it not works or harm my HDD. Actually it senses SATA3 device – my SSD work well in maximum speed at USB 3.0.

Specially outer shell is made with Aluminium alloy, it means thermal problem is less than most of case that made with plastic shell, but weak is shock – so you need some material for resist it.


You can buy it in loweset price almost under 5 USD from AliExpress. But you need choice before buy it what you can doing some DIY for make it works well in minimal requirement.

A Bluetooth device review: KN308 from AliExpress of China.


This a bluetooth named “KN308” device is from AliExpress seller who in China. I bought it for about 4 USD, and took over a month to hold in my hand.


I’ve been teared down so easily (just pulled each different side of plastic case) and checked what components used in.  Some solderings are seems so weak, so I need to reinforcement work for thes.


Then I have tested on my car with AUX input thru iPhone4 and iPhone5. KN308 notices with a female voice but unclear. And found a problem mic not works – It was a component defect. So I need rework to soldering new mic component from other wasted device – 3mm diameter an 2mm depth condenser microphone. Finally it works well, but only recording function works on iOS devices, not any Androids. Music, Phone call works with a single button well, but talk or recording thru Bluetooth didn’t worked in my Android devices. It seems to a problem of bluetooth protocol compatibility.


This device displays bluetooth battery state on iOS state bar on screen, I can use it for my music and talk controller on the street. Actually connection quality is not good for while moving, it is continuously tickering by shortley lose audio packet.

Audio quality is little bit strange in lower frequency. There’s less bass, but high frequency is too much. I can hear well most of voices and instruments as like hihat, guitar and violin, but such as drum and bass guitar distorted to less. So I hear music with cheap dynamic open in ear headphones to make it balanced for Hi-Fi.

I don’t think this device is well made, but some people who like me, maybe can enjoying well for handheld portable music and talk device. But not for normal people if you don’t have soldering iron.

Positive features:

  • A2DP, control in single button allowed.
  • No volume control, must be adjusted in host device like iPhone.
  • You can talk if you have iOS device, not for Android – Android can sens mic but not work.
  • Small battery inclued inside, it works about 5 to 6 hours for listening music.
  • iOS can display internal battery how long left on top state bar.
  • iPhone4 works with this.
  • Treble frequency too modulated to higher, bass relatively less.
  • Little bit hard to using on the street while moving anywhere.

Kingspec SSD 512GB : ACSC2M512S25 review


Here I bought a new SSD for my old laptop, Thinkpad E120 RZ2.

I need to wait for over a month to me, it was really long time for other sellers. There’s nothing to sorry, or gift, no explain. Actually a seller who named “SOUPEI HOLDINGS CO LTD” is not a good experienced to me. Not recommend to buy anything to them.


Luckily, the SSD itself, no problem in packaging. A thinny transparency plastic packed SSD with free 4 screw bolts in small vinyl pouch. There’s just written it is SSD and for SATA3 6Gb/sec. Nothing to read for what to do it for replace from old, what I need to warning from. But I don’t care about this if it works well.


SSD totally covered with black anodized aluminium alloy as like other SSD from China. Actually it is better than KingDian as my past experience for few features: Well assembled with screw bolts, each assemble holes are kept standard.IMG_20160510_190732

Main controller is SM2246XT. No DDR cached memory means shorter life time, less performance on writing than SM2246EN cached memory controller.

And two Micron manufactured MLC NAND flashes totally 256GB x 2 = 512GB.


For expanding real life time to in normal usage, I put some thermal pads on each components as like below images.


Before put this pads, I was need to remove paper sticker “Burn in PASS” for good cooling. Nothing either like pre-installed thermal methods.



My primary system runs under Intel Core i5-3570 3.4GHz (turbo to 3.8GHz) and SATA3 AHCI mode with Windows 10 64bit on 16GB DDR3 memory. This SSD was scored on Crystal Diskmark 5.1.2 64bit as below image:


Writing speed is 232 to 243 MB/sec. in sequence. Just little bit faster than modern fastest USB 3.0 pen drives. Reading is 330 to 403 MB/sec. in sequence. And 4K writes is interesting for 26 to 32 MB/sec. It is better than reading? wow, something strange.

It seems just supports SATA3 interface, but made for old PCs to going maximum performance as like using SATA2 3Gbps interfaces. over 300MB/sec. reading is a bonus option for oldies.



Official Kingspec seller sales this 512GB SSD to 98 USD in todays. What a nice price in losts a lot of features. If you want to invest in your old PC include laptop, maybe it is good choice for have experience of SSD power. It is much expensive than HDD capacty, but it never be compared with any HDDs in speed of reading and writing.

And remember, this SSD not warranties your important datas include any manufacturer as lik WD or Seagate. Plus, I don’t hope after sales warranty in their promised term. If you buying this, just forgive for well managed after sales service. Just enjoy lowest price and good experience for miracle speed than your old HDD.