Review of COOLSELL double sided micro USB cable


I bought a few of double sided micro USB cable from COOLSELL. I’m not sure they have any patent for making this, but it is little bit expensive than normal micro USB cables.


It is really easy to plug to any device to micro USB port, sure it is works and charges over 1A. So I have to check with USB power current meter and my battery exhausted LG GPro to charge in 5V 2A power supplier.


All COOLSELL cables charged my phone in 5V(+/-10%) 1.3~1.4A. Maybe not works as over 1.8A means LG GPro protecting over current in minimal battery state. So I have tested with Xiaomi micro USB cable, again.


It seems almost same with COOLSELL. V and A measured as same, and there’s nothing at any problems. Good molding each end of cable – USB and micro USB ports, and coated with fabric material may increase durability but decrease softness and bending.

Price may almost 2 to 4 USD with difference of length. I was bought one 30cm and two of 120cm with different colors. Comfort to plug any side, it is really lovely.

I hope price going down for more, to buying more in under 10 USD, but I think it is little bit expensive than other sellers.

Vernee Thor review.


Eventually it arrived to me for a long while. Vernee Thor bundle package was so simple. Like LG PRADA 3.0 leather patterned paper box, and included Thor itself, 5V 2A charger(white), rugged micro USB cable(white) and useless paper that written warranty or whatever (never read).


Outward appearance

Phone shape is just same as their rendered image. Good to hold on my single hand – nice grip feeling and bright 720p IPS LCD is just little colored as red just like tinned at low light. So I didn’t took any picture on front side.


In back side, there’s 8Mpixel camera (interpolated to 13.3Mpixel)  and single LED flashlight. I could check a small fingerprint sensor downside of camera. I didn’t expected it works as like iPhone and it was a divination sign for future test !


At bottom, there’s micro USB port and a microphone hole. Headphone hole is placed upper right side of front screen. I liked this points.


Vernee thor is just one of Chinese budget smartphones. It also supports dual micro SIM and single TFlash.

  • CPU : Mediatek MT6753, 8 cores @ 1.3GHz (ARM-Cortex64-A53)
  • GPU : ARM MALi-T720 MP3 ( 3 cores @ 450MHz )
  • RAM : DDR3-800 3GB
  • eMMC : Samsung 16GB
  • Display : 5″ 1280x720p IPS LCD ( looks from JDI )
  • Battery : Li-Pol 2800mAh (min 2700mAh)
  • OS : Android 6.0 / Marshmallow, securti patch level = very poor !
  • Camera : 8Mpix (Back) , 2Mpix (Front)
  • WiFi : Supports b/g/n (not supports 5GHz)


SIM & TFlash (sdcard)

Vernee has dual micro SIM slots and one TFlash slot.


Primary SIM is left side of camera and fingerprint scanner. It’s some difficult insert SIM card to slot. You may need some hand skill.


If you had succeed insert SIM, it must be like above image. I don’t know when it ejected by shock, but hodling tension is bigger than I expected.

And secondary SIM and TFlash slot is other side as like below image.


It may also need your hand skill to insert all cards to each slorts. And I found some strange point in Flash card placement as like below image.


See ? there’s some gap. my sdcard always put on dangerous situation as cracked by shock from outside as like drop to back. I really want to ask who did designed this ?


OS & Software

Thor has updated when I turn it on via OTA.


It updated 20160601 and  still has 37 mediaserver vulnerable defection for CVE-2016-* as like below image. It is big problem than older Android. It is much like HELL Android. Endless security problems !


Vernee Thor using AOSP launcher 3 modified home. And you may need disable UBER and SEARCH app. Recommend to use other launcher like NOVA, default home launcher is not much comfort to use.

Android 6.0 provides useful function to  use your own sdcard as internal system memory. But I don’t recommend to use it because Thor eMMC is much faster than most of UHS-1 sdcard.


I’d like recommend your sdcard as “Portable storage”. You can check internal eMMC speed at below benchmark part.


Thor eMMC performance is nice. OEM manufacturer is Samsung and model name was “RE1BMB”, 16GB capacity.



It is perfectly useless. You can scan your finger and it must be used on exactly same degree put on scanner for dislock your phone. Much useless in life – it always fail to sens my finger even I registered 5 more finger data with my only one finger ! It seems just for feature availed.



Here some benchmarks.

Screenshot_20160627-204542 Screenshot_20160627-202552

Antutu scored over 37000. DDR3-800MHz copying 3.9GB/sec. eMMC writes 47MB/sec and reads over 160MB/sec. It much nice performance in similar budget phones that used MT6753.

And here some more detailed information:

Vernee Thor Antutu system information



Touch points

Supports totally 5 fingers at once. quick but really sensitive.


USB connection

Here is some strange to connect this phone to any host ( your PC ).


If I have connect Thor to my laptop, it doesn’t going to MTP, just set as USB charging everytime. So I need to change it by touching notifying area.


I can not understand why it need to change everytime. There’s no option to default what to do. Just it always set to “Charging” first.


GPS state while driving car

Some Chinese smartphones are not much accurate to use as GPS naviating app in my car. Sometimes my car doing hyper-jump to somewhere or going turn back or any degrees !

But Thor is not like that, so I have test it a day in real driving.


And I have judged it is good to use as car navigation. No GPS errors occured while driving over 20Km in around 1hour and 30minutes.


And it uphold being charged well while driving. Ulefone Paris also has nice GPS but it not uphold being charged like Thor (battery continousely discharged while driving even I have plugged 5V2A power source) But 5″ screen is little bit smaller than 5.5″. It’s up to you for using this smartphone for car navigation or not.



Vernee Thor was also just one of Chinese budget smartphone. I didn’t expected it is better than other, and it was right. Android 6.0 showing good performance than previous version. But it occured new vulnerable defection with mediaserver service, and most of latest Android 6.0 devices are not fixed this vulernabilities yet. Also I could not hope Vernee will fix this, but will wait for a while.

If you can buy it under 100 USD, it will good for use it your secondary or office working. Not recommended to use your primary phone. It is very dangerous to attacked by hacker with mediaserver vulnerable defection. This defection is more dangerous than before, it could not able to block by simply disable auto retrieve in MMS !

Without useless fingerprint scanner, hard to insert/change SIM and TFlash card and mediaserver defection – it could be a nice budget smartphone.

Android 6.0 Vulnerable defection warning!

My LG L400K (G3 Korean U+ model) and latest of Vernee Thor up to date of Android 6.0. But these are contains mediaserver vulnerability problem as like previous Android stagefright and libutil.


LG G3 detected mediaserver defections occured as totally 15 (see above image).


And Vernee Thor defected totally 37 at latest update of 20160601 – What a junk it is … It totally belongs to AOSP, but Vernee seems not be patched this problem.

Vernee Thor also be a junk of sh*t from China, And don’t be used as your primary smartphone. It could all your privacy may not safe at all !

No more Android !

Android is totally junk of sh*t yard.

Classifying Chinese budget smartphones of mine.


There’s many budget smartphones in the World. I was collected and tested them by myself, my money. And I could got the enlightenment. So I rearrange here to what is profit or loss from you or my life.


It will be depends on your or my life style, if you have no plan to buy new iPhone now or in the future. My case is simple, I don’t have plan to buy new iPhone – I just still using iPhone 5 64GB now – but demanded large screen with using free SIM card change anytime and limit to use data usage, and have to experience with non-iOS platforms with low cost in middle ranged hardware.

Chinese budget smartphones are really cheap in price average in 100 USD with free shipping cost but sometimes really slow to get on my hand. There’s almost no NFC (but HOTKNOT with Mediatek, but I don’t know how to use it still now), no useful sensors without Accelerometer, Proximity and Light. GPS is random luck.


It’s like a game of Russian Roulette with half filled with bullets in cylinder. We don’t know what’s bad or good until it used be self. I recommend to understand it is just like ‘I didn’t expected at all, but it is better than disappointed’. There’s many manufacturer in China and don’t know what company is better or not except famous like Hwa-wei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Lenovo or Meizu. It may just consider about price, minimal functions to I can use it for my minimal life – talk, messages, games, maps while walking.


NOT recommended companies

Before you read this, must be understand these companies are not public judgement of good or not. It was judged by myself.


This company making totally useless mass in everyday. Don’t be fooled by pictures or outer shape. They don’t have any minimal knowledgement about design of mold. Most of metal frames not jointed well, easily broken plastic back shell by impact. It is not like their presentations. Even 3.5 pi headphone standard is for old EU – You can not use your previous mic-headphone for their smartphones. Software optimization? Don’t expect, they don’t do that even their sources belong to AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Beware this company if you have to plan for buying new.


This brand name is a mask of paper company. They are not producing any hardware. No quality controls, no services after you bought. Just they are sales junks of sh*t. It also beware like Oukitel.


Actually I am still using Paris and Paris-X but it could not be recommended to other. They don’t have technology level to handle they sold in software. Hardware is Ok for price or durability, but softwares are really junk. You may need understand Android and how to flashing firmware of each NAND blocks, or using modified recovery image. You may need some technical skills to keep using their products.


It’s very famous company what presinstall malwares. Low quality controls like Oukitel. Bad designs to using in lifetime. Totally not recommended.


Beware under 100 USD smartphones. Some models can’t use your headphone jack. Bad design skill.


No actions after sale. No service. No update. Need DIY at all.




You many plan to buy over 100 USD for get a good smart phone in price. my X5 Pro was not good for touching experience. But F5 was nice except decay of LCD bottom shadow.


It is still good for me include uder 100 USD prices, Note S is big screen budget phone to me except GPS errors. Don’t be expected to use as car navigator – it was my only disappointed.


Still unknown


I didn’t try yet this company, but no expect for them. but having a plan for Touch-X.


Thor is still in shipping now. I’ve been wait it over a month. really bad shipping problem.



Price mean all. Sometimes good chinese smartphone bring profits to us, but important is low expectation of quality. But best choices are among price of 100 USD may no others like.

COOLSELL 3 in 1 USB Charging Cable


I bought a cable from AliExpress for charging my many devices from one power source ( mostly portable battery ) and it arrived in 2 weeks later.


My oredering option was 50cm for carrying easily. Cable provides cable tie for easily carrying in my pocket or bag.


This cable support 3 different ports: iOS lightning, micro USB, USB-C at once. These ports are used in both for charging, not for data transfer – Don’t use it for data transfering at two or three devices.


Specially micro USB cable is not as similar most of one sided. It is supporting both side to be charged or data transfer in any side you want as like iOS lightning cable or USB-C type.

Now I tested 5V 2A charger with this cable. Stand-by voltage is mostly 5V 2A and upto +10% ( max 5.5V 2.2A ) in charging. Measurement used Keweisi (it also from AliExpress) USB power checker.


Actually I don’t have USB-C type device, so I tested with my wife’s iPhone6s and nVidia Shield tablet for how many current loaded from charger.


But it seems not for fully supporting quick charge at 2A. It only loads around 5V 1A current. It seems double sided micro USB port not supports over 1A power current as next test for only charging nVidia shield tablet.


It checked as real charging current load as under 500mAh. So I changed cable to other for charging loads.


As checked result, Coolsell 3 in 1 USB cable is not supports 2A charging speed. It is little bit negative feature for fully supporting quick charge. But it will be nice for price consider unsder 5 USD per unit and supporting multiple device charging from one power source as like Xiaomi battery.

I will use it for my Xiaomi 1000A battery for charging my iPhone and Android devices. But could not be recommened for supporting quick charge.

Vernee Thor, it’s damn slow shipping.

I was ordered this new smartphone in a month ago, and cancelled once. Then I reordered to my favor AliExpress shop ‘Black Peach’, but it seems also to a bad choice.

I can understand how lazy chinese are, but it is totally doing bad shipping schedule. I was urged to fast shipping to seller, but SHE ( No more Chris Wei, he disappeared, maybe quit or fired any reason ) Just repeated same words as like ‘we are testing’ or hard to understand words. So I pushed harder them to tell truth, but it not be abled.

About 2 weeks after, they reported ‘It is now shipping progress’ and mentioned to ‘We can not handle shipping progress, it depends on Singapore post’ … Ah yes, It is a rife liar.


It just reserved to air post. not shipped yet. Yes, ‘Black Peach’ managing worker doing fraud sales. Most of thest fraud sellers are belong to AliExpress, poor.


Maybe it is my last buy from AliExpress. These bad-asses are not be able to be honest. If you want to buy a new phone? Just buy iPhone, or Motorolla. Maybe LG will OK for quality and services. These budget junks are enough to enjoying as toys.

Or, Meizu or Xiaomi. It is minimal front line to save your time and money.

Stop selling fraud products, AliExpress.

Anystreaming now support 1080i.


My latest HDMI and control driver enabled to handle 1080i (interlaced scan) for some devices not possible to bandwidth of 1080p. Latest windows client ( you can download here )  supports this with latest firmware system version 2016.06.09 or later.


Actually I don’t recommend to use 1080i, but it’s up to you. My opinion is set resolution as 720p instead 1080i in gaming for enjoying 60fps in realtime because 1080i or 1080p had blocked to 30fps limit by CPU performance problem.

Anystreaming H/W almost at the end.


Maybe it was a long time to find way out from maze. My final – as I thought – works may reached to end of the long road. Ugly WiFi module removed and strange HID chipset made it works well by facing to same strange initializing rule. There’s nothing to believe to while it be checked really works well. All component suppliers was suck – specially ITE was terrible, like hell, all field engineers are really seems grouped with idiots, hugh.

I will not use ITE anymore in next version of Anystreaming. Really it was like hell to complete it totally works well. Specially bluffing of our leader, it makes me crazy while everyday…

Beware new ransomware !

Images from google image search.
Images from google image search.

In few days ago, many people encountered new ransomware via some advertisement server in South Korea. Known as most of victims are used their default web browser in Microsoft Windows OS. Such as weak vaccine like V3 Lite not subservient to resist from new big threat.

Most of victims are belong to Internet explorer (versions not a problem) with poor security level such as turnning off UAC in Windows. Getting higher access privilege under versions of Windows 7 is seems not secured than more if not applied latest security patches.

You may not use any version of Internet Explorer and remove or not allow to use Adobe flashplayer without any sandboxing security as like applied in Firefox or google Chrome browser. It must be not dealt with any terrorist.

Half size mSD to SD adaptor.


This half size micro SD to SD adaptor is from Aliexpress in about half year ago. Now I am using this for my Thinkpad edge laptops (e120 and e320) for store some files to keep in long term as like musics and pictures.

Actually this device is exactly same as like bundle SD adaptor as served in package when you buy micro SDcard in any market. Only difference is it designed to half size for Macbook or most modern laptop sdcard slot. My Thinkpad Edges are also has PCI-express fastest sd-slot for use it for portable storage.

It was not so important to me before using SSD, but now it is a must have item for store my some files that not need to write in fast speed as like most of mp3/aac music files and pictures. I also stored some android ROM binaries of Chinese friends – Ulefone, Blackview, Siswoo, Cubot and more..

Profits of this small device is these.

IMG_20160605_141956 IMG_20160605_142006

You don’t need to see tail of SDcard and it totally hides inside of your card slot. (But it may hard to eject with your finger, but you can use a bobby pin as like Fallout vault citizen who exploring wasteland.)

And more faster than any USB based reader – Because most of sdcard slot is belong to PCI express, and these are access fast in 4K or small files. See following result. Specially my all laptops has no USB 3.0 !!!!


I don’t remember how much it was, but it maybe almost under 1USD in each. (so I bought it mutiple to make it over about 3 or 5 USD as my thin memory) and nothing to be broken in electric works. I was painted end edge to black because to match my laptop color, with my wife’s nail manicure.

It will be good cheap item to use your laptop sdcard slot to be a small NAND flash storage.