Tecknet wireless mouse M002


I bought an wireless mouse from AliExpress to use it for my MacBook in while gaming – actually mac mouse not for gaming if you have exprience in any mac system. I have paid 9 USD with shipping fee, and delivered with Chinese registered air post and it took only 10 days to me from China main land.


Mouse has 5 buttons excluded DPI change (half transparency button in down next of scrol wheel) button. This mouse supports 2000, 1500, 1000 dpi in sequence. Wireless frequency works in 2.4GHz radio with contained USB dongle and it could kept in battery chamber.


Operates in only one AA size battery and energy life time not discribed in manual. Like modern wireless mouse, this is also supporting sleep mode in 3 seconds, but I cannot sens when it goest to sleep because there’s nothing to be displayed as like LED.


And mouse image sensor not visible to me, it may used infrared LED, so it could be more accuracy than normal red or blue LED light source.

Grip feeling is very good even it has short length, body height is thick, and it makes good grip for me.

Mac OS automatically sens as HID and occurs Keyboard configuration dialog, but I can skip it. Gaming with this mouse much better than mac wirless mouse for everything. I can easily controls movement, aimming and fire. Recommend to use it for any OS with charming price.

First impressions of Xiaomi Redmi 3s


This is my last a terminus from AliExpress, Xiaomi Redmi 3s is a really nice budget smartphone in AliExpress ever. Redmi3s has many funcions in 120 USD price, and it is definitely better than any similar priced budget smatphones in China.


5″ sized screen is resoultion as HD ( 720×1280 ) and it runs well almost games in Google Play Store. Front and back cameras really better than any minor branded Chinese things. Now I have decision to no more minor brands such as Oukitel, Blackview, Doogee, Cubot, Vernee and whatever it is.

GPU, Adreono 505 is simply better than any MALi series. I can play any games really well in high performanced rendering rate. Qualcomm 430 CPU is enough to doing whatever I do – I am convinced of performance is better than MT6753, 8 cores of Junk.


Redmi 3s is differ with Redmi 3 in some more functions: Metal alloy body and fingerprint scanner on back. Specially fingerprint scanner is really nice like my iPhone6s, it unlock phone so easily under 1 second. But bottom-bak box speaker not so like iPhone, just similar tincan sound like any other Chinese smartphones. But I can accept this lacks be considered with this price.


Redmi3 not supports NFC, maybe reason metal alloyed back is made impossible to use NFC, but I don’t care because I never used NFC in my life – specially South Korea not allowed to use it for real life, just a function of geek’s plaything.

IrDA makes Redmi3 as a  remote controller as like my TV and Settop Box.


I can use my micro SIM with 64GB sdcard to extend storage but not possible to combine external sdcard as internal storage, maybe it is reason of Xiaomi Pro models to don’t extend main storage capacity. SIM tray is not fully made with metal, plastic and metal covercombined and it seems weak, so I need put SIM and sdcard softly, it must be seems to cause of production cost down, little bit disappointed.

Whole average quality is nice, maybe top class of among in similar priced budgets. MIUI8 has some bugs but hope it could be better than now with OTA in the future.

My conclusion is “Buy Xiaomi Redmi 3s instead buying similar priced wastes”.

Vernee Thor after review.


About over a month later, I have found many problems even it updated to latest OTA ( 20160623 ). I don’t expected more from small comapny like Vernee, but it is disappointed again about technical power of these small manufacturers. So I have to buy new phone of Xiaomi Redmi3s.


What updated in latest update 20160623?

This is not a description of Vernee’s OTA, I have written list to known by myself.

  • Touch sensitive little bit better than before, but still unstable.
    – Sometimes too sensitive, sometimes it feels slow, random !
  • Home screens sometimes not appeared while drag drop an app icon from drawer.
    – It is an error of default launcher, really ugly – why it happened to Thor used AOSP launcher 3 ?
  • Still many big sized apps are not runnable.
    – Specially most of big games not possible to run. I don’t know what is problem of Android 6 or Vernee.
  • Finger ID enhanced to hit sens my fingers.
    – But it is still need match putting in exactly same degree.
  • USB MTP really unstable – totally useless !
    – I can not keep connected to using MTP on my PC. It continousely disconnected after screen off. It must be an error of Vernee power management, really ugly. I need adjust keep screen on while connect to PC, and there’s nothing like option to adjust of this.
  • Connection type always set to USB charge.
    – Everytime I need select MTP connection to copy files from my PC. This budget phone is not keep memory what I choosed for connection before. This in not an acceptabled issue.
  • Still CVE-2016-* mediaserver vulnerable defections.
    – It seems to Vernee dosen’t understand what is problem of them.


Good features:

Using sdcard to internal memory is nice. First time I have put a 64GB MLC sdcard (UHS-1) to extend storage to keep datas, but I integrated other MLC 32GB (UHS-1) sdcard to became as internal storage (maybe using android file system, not EXT2 or EXT3. It is not possible to read in any Linux) and it extends app installation capacity. But still many apps not works on Thor, or Android 6. Some apps displays an error: “This hardware not be supported”.



  • Too many. Just buy Xiaomi Redmi 3s instead using this ugly product.
  • Middle frame coating (maybe rubber, or urethane ?) feels off by wearing/taking off protecting hard case !
  • Bad structures of SIM card slot and sdcard slot.
  • Bad design to battery cover structure, not easy to detach and put it again.



  • I don’t recommend buy.
  • Just buy Xiaomi Redmi 3s.
  • It is just little bit better than Oukitel junks.
  • This is totally waste of your money.

Anystreaming may not meet the world.


Unfortunately, our CEO determined to stop developing Anystreaming any more. I don’t know what is the reason of stopping this, but his dicision seems to hard to break.

So I backed up all resource in my developing system to private stash, and it will be born to other as I hope in later. If anyone hoped to release this amazing fun device to the world, I should say about sorry.


New laptop.

Finally I got a new laptop for me from my wife. She gave it to me for make new era as a deveoper to extend my skills. So I lovely appeared royalty apreciated to my lord her!

Now I have totally 3 different OS laptops: Windows64, Linux64 and OSX64.

Will keep in work, for true multi platforms.

New laptop_

Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13″ ( 2015 early )

Intel Core-i7 3.1GHz / 16GB RAM / 1TB PCIe SSD