Estone wireless gaming mouse


Most of wirless mice are actually too small to use for me. So I have a dangerous adventure to buy it from Ali Express.

It took about over 20 days to South Korea from China main land with Chinese registered air post. That’s enough for me as I expected.

Whole quality is means price, I paid about 5.4 USD with shipping fee, that’s cool isn’t it? Just this price made a wireless device for me and it works well !


All buttons works, back/forward and DPI really changes sensitivity of mouse itself. Size is good to me – my hand is bigger than average Asian hand size – almost same as like American or European – If you are reading this and colored eyes or black men, you may like this mouse size.

One thing you may need to do:

You need open case, and prepare an oil for smoothign wheel, plus some good black colored tape to fix internal power cables. As I expected for price, there’s nothing to prevent to bad wheel feeling, it makes some noise and never smooth rolling without this work. you need put some good oil into wheel mechanisms, I have used ‘Fluid film’ a.k.a oil from sheep. Or you can apply engine silinder oil, that may enough to make it smoothen.

In my case, some broken part was inside, so I can hear something ‘tick’ sound when it moves fast for shake it, So I need remove this unknown part – and I couldn’t where it belong, there’s nothing be broken – and now Ok.

Don’t expect long painting life:

I have catched silver painting will be removed soon – Nothing like UV coating, just one layered painting and that’s all for colored. Almost this thin paiting makes original plastic color appeared as soon. So I don’t expect long painting life and I will do paint it again with my new car paint spay with UV transparency coating if its color will be removed – Or I can buy new one and out Earth will have more pains by my waste…


Really good for price. It will helps your economic life. 2.4GHz still works well in my many wireless frequency hazard in 2.4GHz hell.

Ulefone Paris still enough to use in my life.


Since I had it flew about 10 monthes, it is still enough to use in my life – actually I use it for enjoying Android games and utilities because my primary phone is iPhone 6s.

Performance almost near to SEC Galaxy S4 , and it means this budget smartphone is still good for enjoying simple games.

But I don’t like to recommend buy this if you don’t understand customized recovery rom flashing and preinstalled app. Ulefone doesn’t care no more for this model.

Apple music launched in South Korea, and me.


Since it was launched Apple music in SouthKorea days ago , I have laughed by happiness because I can hear more musics without my favor app with android smartphones ! Maybe it could not be compared to other most people near me – they are ususally listening K-Pop but not me.

And it flew some days, and I still love to listen music with Apple music app on my Androids. Apple did some updates in short term, but there’s many problems still remains as like long loading term, unstable music volume levels – or it may not problem of app.

A big problem is belong to most of people listening in South Korea who loves to listen music in Korean – such as K-POP.

Also problem comes to me, there’s no way to listen explicit songs even I have checked show explicit contents in setting menu.


There’s too weak contents compare to iTunes US, but 7.99 USD may OK for accept lacks in this time and hope it will be better than now in the future.

Server gone far away a while…


My old smartphone server was gone. Not boots again, failure occurs on while booting system, and I just entered Recovery mode and moved all backed up files to sdcard then I recovered all system for few days ago – and some articles gone, but that’s OK.

R.I.P, LG PRADA 3.0 – You were best whole a life.