Oukitel U20 Pro real review for weeks


It was second time to wait pre-sell item for new item from Ali-express. This wait required long wait for a month even I have made an option to shipping with DHL.

My Interesting was “Dual lens”:

It was special to me by this budget smartphone had dual lens as seen for iPhone7+. Oukitel described hardware level dual lens may help to shoot a picture that similar like DSLR, wow.

I was expected this dual lens really works like my DSLR/DSLT by stereo graphic differential algorithm likes, but reality was so harsh. too harsh.

 Here I left a balnk for later, inserting some pictures with dual lens, that dual lens results. harsh results.


Blur defection on bottom screen,

It was not a problem of only mine. Many people also reported this defection to XDA, and geeks found how it be fixed with rooted system, not for normies, damn.

It was a reason of UI rendering with wrong start position of state bar. -5 pixels rolled up so bottom blur defection occurs by -5 pixels of gone up.

No update.

I have been expected when it released new OTA for fix UI rendering problem, but still it doesn’t possible to check latest version.

Lastest version is “SSXSJS5.1210.V3.0.3”. But still this version not solved bottom screen defection, and there’s not many TWRP or CWM recovery with working touch sensor.

Much looks like Apple iPhone 6s, but not iPhone, has too many problems still not be fixed yet, Oukitel seems to still not good a company who mades smartphone in lowest price.

Maybe don’t be comapred with Doogee Shoot1 or Bluboo Dual.

Next is,

Blueboo dual. a much same smartphone with Oukitel U20 plus, without hardware navi keys. And Doogee Shoot 1. All phones are same CPU and similar camera module as like dual focusing system for making depth of aperture.


My little conclusion,

Don’t buy this junk until solve many problems. You may better buy this after a half of year.

How to fix 100% awake of Doogee F5 ?

If you are an user who using Doogee F5 phablet, you will already recognized battery drains so fast by many bloatwares.

So I recommend to use custom recovery ( a.k.a TWRP or CWM ) instead of stock image for modify F5 system apps to disabled by changing permission.

For this article, I like to exapin how I found always awake (wakelocked) reason one by one disabling system app with ‘chmod 000 [file]’ method with wakelock detector.

And now, Eventually I found what system app always my device awaken, and it is just one.


It’s the name of system app. If you disabled it, you can see awake may no more draws cyan continous block at battery histroy details.

If you have installed TWRP or CWM to manage your phone by yourself, and want to use F5 for more hours, strongly recommend this useless system app by changing permission.

You may wonder increased battery using time.

Chinese softwares always need to something to do for use it for normal life. Sucks.

AOSP camera sound mute patch (TWRP update zip)

Here I made a zip file for TWRP/CWM (Custom recovery) patch for most of android 5 to 6 based from AOSP.  Most my android devices works perfectly turned off modulated (too big) camera sounds (shutter, focused, fast shutters) be muted well from China – Doogee, Ulefone, Oukitel, Vernee.

Just down load following zip file and copy it to your storage and reboot to TWRP or CWM and install zip file. If there’s any error, it’s been succeed.

Here my script used – or extract zip file to test.

And download here (MEGA.nz) for system/media/sound/ui:


Plus donwload here (MEGA.nz) for system/media/audio/ui:



 This patch is for only people who made own Android phone/tablet/phaplet been modified to customized recovery to TWRP or CWM. It’s only for use it legal. There’s no lawful duty to problem of applied system and owner.

Why our candle be continued

 It was 11th public assembly where meet togethet in Gwang-Hwa-Mun square to fight with dictatorship’s daughter and her dirty followers. I was among  in there and standed with people hold a candle, shout together to fight with dictatorial government.

Anybody should ask why we need fight with much invisible things? Why we need fight with immoralities from rusted old ? Because we lives in among of democracy. Not like despotic state – almost red communist’s nations.

But by watch our time in the past in a centry, dictatorship followers got power again with old ruined ghost and his daughter – as like a lunatic heroin of them. A dead dictator became demi-god from them even some protestants who believe this ruined dictationship’s ghost as their one of god! Waht a shameless are!

The Candle fire should not be blown off until people’s democratic demands be come true and relized as common who fights with abominations from the ruined past.

And we will goes on.