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Now Removu S1 supports firmware upgrading for Mac OS X.

It’s been a long waiting, Ha!

Now Removu S1 supports Mac OS X with their new Mac OS X app. Sure it made with native codes with llvm-gcc and FLTK 1.3.4-1-ts of my git clone, thanks anyway.

It was started from their Windows based (actually made with M$VS C# and WTF… no! WPF ? whatever sucks strange GUI hmm … dot NET ?, you know what it is, actually I can not sure) but I couldn’t made anything with their Chinses commented source code, ever. Because it was only runs on Windows, and serial communicating not compatibled with any POSIX, ahh … what a beautiful situation, hugh ?

So I made it whole codes from my open sources, try to make communicate with S1 device on Mac OS X and Linux for while, and I need cold reboot MUCH times by goddam Silicon Labs’ MotherFather driver ( holy sheeeeet thanks to them ), And actually had success to match the argument of S1 packets, it was really hard way.

Now Mac OS X users may understand my previous blurred effect graphics, Just enjoy !


I was made it with Mint Linux, but Essel-T seems not planned to support Linux, that’s so sad news.

Vernee Thor TWRP script for disable system apps.

Here is a custom patch for TWRP zip flashing style to disable preinstalled system apps on Vernee Thor. (revision 2)

My patch will disables theses apps:

  • AdupsFota
  • AdupsFotaReboot
  • AutoDialer
  • FWUpgrade
  • FWUpgradeProvider
  • MtkFloatMenu
  • MTKLogger
  • MtkQuickSearchBox
  • uber
  • NbAgingTest (included in rev2)
  • All vendor, operator apps


Download will be able to here: (MEGA.NZ)!kk9UCRRB!Fc22DSISY_RDyyFqCHsx3biCQt5xCkOI0G3MyfEkJ0g


Plus, default Launcher3 disabler ( if it disabled, Lock screen not be changed )!wslm2SLZ!U5DjPk0hJEyWf8G7Ucmf3pvdjO0-RkhQd7ugNCGD7rE


And, if wanna enable again,!B8lXHS7L!CF5n8FDdsEh_qF5aTTIomlXsGThOAHqB-8ylaUmw-XE


After download, just copy to your sdcard, then reboot to TWRP. And just install zip.

If you want to edit script, just extract zip file to somewhere on your host PC/Laptop, then Edit updater-script in META-INF/com/google/android .



If you don’t understand what are you doing before download and flashing my zip, don’t anything. All doing by yourself makes your own risk. If any problems occurs, it’s not my fault.

AOSP camera sound mute patch (TWRP update zip)

Here I made a zip file for TWRP/CWM (Custom recovery) patch for most of android 5 to 6 based from AOSP.  Most my android devices works perfectly turned off modulated (too big) camera sounds (shutter, focused, fast shutters) be muted well from China – Doogee, Ulefone, Oukitel, Vernee.

Just down load following zip file and copy it to your storage and reboot to TWRP or CWM and install zip file. If there’s any error, it’s been succeed.

Here my script used – or extract zip file to test.

And download here ( for system/media/sound/ui:!5wsDVJQL!njLxh6RhUZzuQj1zjhc-KvNoNHggJvkNbQft_LfQCd4

Plus donwload here ( for system/media/audio/ui:!MoNVTK4R!FfbUV42Dd7B6CEZ6kPiy9Ds9_gm0H7rIHLEEQsn9MI0


 This patch is for only people who made own Android phone/tablet/phaplet been modified to customized recovery to TWRP or CWM. It’s only for use it legal. There’s no lawful duty to problem of applied system and owner.

RAW scale process speed at Intel AVX instruction.



My medical RAW image scale processor benchmarked for Intel AVX instruction set. It was fully reprogrammed for be affected by optimization algorithm by compiler option.

Specification of benchmark

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-6700 @ 4GHz (Skylake-S)
  • Memory: DDR4-1066 16GB (Single channel)
  • OS: Windows 7 professional 64bit


  • MinGW-W64 64bit version 4.8.0

Compiler options

  • -fomit-frame-pointer
  • -fexpensive-optimizations
  • -O3
  • -s
  • -m64
  • -march=corei7-avx

RAW image source

  • 3072×3072, 16bit grayscale X-Ray image


Benchmark rule

  • Scale each different filter for double size.



  • Nearest (box) scale : 0.597 seconds.


  • Bilinear scale : 0.597 seconds.
  • Bicubic scale : 0.693 seconds.
  • Lanzcos 3 taps : 0.884 seconds.

Specially lanzcos 3 scale took 30% more speed at under 1 second. So I looking fore more faster way how it make faster than now. And it is almost same with B-Spline filter, or sometimes B-Spline faster than lanczos3, Hmmm …

Download test console program

Solve a case: Cinnamon just crashed you are currently running Fallback Mode.


Did you have any experience in above pop up dialog in Mint Linux ? I have. It’s occured by changing video adaptor to nVidia GeForce8400GS from Internal(Idiot) Intel graphics. My Mint Linux version was 17.1 x86 32bit and running under 6GB system memory with PAE support.

I was prepared to changing new graphic card to get accelerated GUI expect fast response from my monitor withour crashing openGL texture breaking by Idiot Intel graphics, yeah.

If you want use nVidia accelerated Cinnamon and its effects like Compiz, could be choice two ways: Download nVidia driver from them, or using apt-get. I was failed to updating nVidia driver to using apt-get thru Ubuntu repository. Cinnamon failed to start like above and I need to use “Fallback mode”. So I recommend to download manufacturer driver pack and install it in terminal mode.

Install nVidia driver in terminal.

Stop all X services with “cinnamon-*” and “mdm”. It is really simple to entering virtual terminal whenever you can hit keys by “Ctrl+Alt+F1 or F2 ..”. You will see fully blacked screen and some texts with “You may logged in, right now. I am blinking cursor”.

Let’s be logged in with your ID and password (if you don’t have ID and password? How did you get logged in your desktop? or Don’t know minimal security, ever). now find cinnamon services.

You will see 3 or 4 process are running now. just kill them all. and you will see again a screen of Mint Linux log in. Let’s back to virtual terminal hitting by previous keys “Ctrl+Alt+F1 or 2 ..”.

And just stop “mdm”.

Now move to downloaded directory like “Download”, and change permission then run it. ( I used 340 build for my GeForce 8400GS.)

You will be see a text based nVidia driver installation, Let’s accept all question with “Yes”. Then it will be done. Now restart “mdm”.

Now you will see missed perfect Cinnamond desktop GUI without any errors. Welcome back. Still Linux is hard to use for normal people like doesn’t understand what is different about driver and kernel, or application.

Google (LG) Nexus 4 battery life expired.


Few days ago, I have wonder my Nexus4 has going hotter and back has exapnded like pregnant. And I can sens it is cause of internal battery life has the end. So I unscrewed double screws on bottom of Nexus4. Open up back cover with plastic openning tools, then I can see sudden death battery.


If I has continue to charging this dead battery, it will blow and my Nexus4 may damaged. Dead battery is always prblem of all devices of has internal battery that si covered with plastic, metal or glass shelter.


Nexus4 fixed battery with adhesive tape like iPhone. You will be need something more safe tools like plastic scoop to remove battery from adhesives.


Replaced battery is need to be charged in fully overcharged in more times to reach 100% in power off. It is different with displaying on Android state bar. If you doing replacement like me, Just powered with charger and turn your phone down. Then wait for enough hours while battery display reach to 100%. Don’t unplug charger it just changed to 100%, you may need more hours for overcharged to reset battery chemical reaction.