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Experience of Intel HD 630 damn driver.

I guess some people may experienced badness of Intel something – as like old models from Intel graphics as known thousnad numbered models – HD 2000 or 3000 whatever, when specially upgraded to Windows 10 from older.

My new office desktop presented to me a bad experience about mouse cursor doesn’t applying anti-aliased shape, and also without shadow in 2017 !

I had to find solve this Paleolithic lacks come in modern life, searched in Godgle, and finally found a word – “INSTALL NEW DRIVER”.

Yes, it was may a SMALL problem of Intel as like before, alwasy like that. Now I can see smoothen customized mouse cursor after new driver installed ( build 4678 ).

If you are looking bad shaped mouse cursor and if it belong to your internal video adaptor – yes, you may saved money to buy external graphic deivce as like AMD R460 or nVidia 1060 whatever – check for new video device driver asap, but you don’t sens what is wrong, also may nor required check update from big blue bad brother who named Intel.

OTA 3.10 released for Oukitel U20 Plus

Eventually Oukitel released new OTA update, verison 3.10 to fix many minor bugs ! Now I don’t need see blurred stripes on bottom of screen, and it is no longer need annoying me.

Everybody download new OTA binary from needrom site, and URL is here:

I don’t expect how many OTA updates awaits me, but I have to done with decision of disable many pre-installed apps like ADUP FOTA and some useless apps of this list:

  • AdupsFota
  • AdupsFotaReboot
  • AutoDialer
  • BSPTelephonyDevTool
  • FWUpgrade
  • FWUpgradeProvider
  • MtkFloatMenu
  • MTKLogger
  • PrizeFactoryTest
  • All operator app (Baidu Location)

My custom patch need cutomized recovery TWRP and modified boot image by installing Super SU once more. I’m using a way to installing TWRP and zip-flashing SuperSU to modify original boot image. Super SU zip-flashing wil change verification of U20 plus, and it makes help out “NEVER BOOTING UP” problem.

Here is my cusotm patch zip for TWRP and you may bear disclaimer in mind, all fault is depends on your decision and acting whatever you do. Link is from my MEGA.NZ drive:

Plus more, there’s a couple of app “PrizeLauncher” and “ThemeStore”. These are works together for default launcher and managing its theme. I strongly disable these and replace with other launcher as like NovaLauncher or AOSP launcher 3. It’s up to you.

Tennmak Dulcimer & Porcelain simple review

I got these two IEH(In-Ear Headphone) from Mr.Tony of China via Ali-Express. Mr.Tony (Tennmak is a trade mark & name of hist company) – He was gave it to me for testing and little review, so I don’t have perfect packaging. Each different two IEHs are Dulcimer and Porcelain – It seems to like weapone names in Skyrim, but I could find what it meas by google translate.



a musical instrument with a sounding board or box, typically trapezoidal in shape, over which strings of graduated length are stretched, played by being struck with handheld hammers.



a white vitrified translucent ceramic; china.

 Each of Dulcimer & Porcelain are little bit different position of Tennmak IEH series. Dulcimer is positioned on about 30 USD, and Porcelain is about 20 USD. But as my opinion, I love Porcelain more than Dulcimer, actually sound quality in price is better to me, specially include design of itself.

According to Tennmak, Dulcimer was designed for maximum experience for quality of IEMs in around value of 100 USD. But it is just seems to their assertion, It is definitely not be better than high valued IEM – such like used multiple BA units – in manufacturing, design, publushing prices. It may just like placebo effect – like a memory of LG G Pro IEH.

Dulcimer detailed images

Loading image... Loading image... Loading image...


Dulcimer frequency response graph looks much nice, but my hearing is not like graph, bass more expanded and crispy high is closer to V-EQ. not flatty.  Porcelain is more flatty rather than Dulcimer.

Porcelain detailed images

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Porcelain graph seems also similar like Dulcimer, but hearing is not like, more flatty than. But manufacturer graphs are not be sure in difference of hearing experience.


If I have make it choose one, my choice is Porcelain. Design, comfort, price and hearing is more better than Dulcimer. Sure all of my review is depends on my experience, not for objectivity.

A dangerous adventure …


I have determinded to make a deal for dangerous adventure, buying SSD in Ali-Express. Totally paid 69.03 USD included delivery in Chinese registered air post to South Korea. I don’t know name of KingDian, how they are known to market in SouthKorea. But I expect believe people’s review.

Actually I will use this SSD for my old laptop for anti-shaking while using on my knee or in the car. I have an exprience using Sandisk mSATA SSD with converter before in a while. It really enough to using laptop as like iPad for no matter shaking it, or battery life.

But my laptop using low powered i3 version, Pentium whatever. It supports SATA 3 but it doesn’t matter beacause processor speed is not enough handle BUS/IO speed of SSD. It just marks highest SSD functional speed, so I determinded change it for little lower speed model like this KingDian.

I am worry about fake capacity, but I like to believe previous bought user’s review. Writing speed is almst 120GB/sec, that will be enough for my slow laptop, also 240GB with using external storage or, with paid google drive.

PLEASE, Don’t disappoint me, Ali … and KingDian.

Really hate, Yanwen !


About 10 more days ago, I’ve been ordered a mSATA to SATA rack case in Ali-Express. There’s no options to select additional delivery solution without “Chinses Air Mail”, So I just ordered it for about 15 days remain after working days.


It was my misunderstanding.

God**mn seller used Yanwen again, wow, it really makes me crazy. AGAIN ?!


It never tracks out of China, also it is totally FAKE tracking number.

I really hate such as YANWEN…

Any reason to use better smartphone?


We are living thru over half of 2015 and there’s too many options to choose what I need a smartphone or many of them for my life. Most of they are using  really minimalized size with highest integrated CPU like ARM architecture Cortex A52 or above or something alien technology, ha –

When I look around for what people holding on their hands, Almost iPhone or Samsung, and little of LGs in South Korea. Not kind of myself people is not be found easily. I know they are always looking better and proudly for other people’s sight. I suppose to they are actually chosen their smartphone for fully usage of understanding its function for what included.

Most of android smartphones had NFC in South Korea even it excepted wirless charging function that not like overseas selling models. But many people couldn’t know how it works and where it could be used because all korean telecom companies are blocked NFC functions used for public. Without their permission, it is not a good technology. So Kind of big brother company like Samsung doing their own paying market with S-Pay (not spay, hugh … OK) with non-NFC. I think it is similar like Apple even they are used kind of NFC, but its name is not NFC.

People are spending big money for changing their smartphone for lastest model in expensive payment or slavery contracted in over 2 years. They are restrict themself for long term for small electronic device. What a wonderful world ? Sure I was too for my iPhone5, because it is too expensive for lump sum. ( Damn Apple … but I don’t have a choice, I know. )

But if you don’t like to use Apple, and if don’t like to use big brother company like Samsung and LG, Or something others, Try to use Chinese low priced smartphone as like buying used second hand. It will be better than used and get a fresh feeling. Plus bonuse, you can change your cheappy for evety few monthes as money for allotment to paying expensive something.

Sure it is all over your choice. I am still using iPhone5 64GB as primary, with many android phones for enjoying hobby. But if you don’t like to use many, that is absolutely depends on your choice. If I do, I will be 2 year slave of new iPhone6s with enjoying 3D force touch with many accessaries.


Album titled for DOOM ?

elguitar Tom's Knee deep in metal of BandCamp
elguitar Tom’s Knee deep in metal of BandCamp

While searching some interested music band in BandCamp, I’d look a familiar album cover.

What? Wait … it looks like DOOM…

That was right, this album was focused on DOOM game musics ! And more interests are this band plays more game titled musics !

  • Duke Nukem 3D
  • Command And Conquer
  • DOOM1, 2 …

What they are ?! Hale to the king !? I will keeping watch on my sight…

Netami NE54G USB dongle driver for Win32/64

I have a dongle for using WiFi on my old dektop ( already it aged 8 to 9 years, an AMD system – Athlon64x2 … ) and every time I need find its driver, and it always really to hard find.

So I upload this only-driver set for work on Windows NT 6 kernels ( Windows Vista, 7 and 8 – but I’m not sure it works on Windows 8 .. )

RALINKRT7x Wireless LAN Card_Driver

Be sure this 7z file has only driver and you may need Ra-Link application, but I guess it dosen’t need to use WiFi.