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Apple music launched in South Korea, and me.


Since it was launched Apple music in SouthKorea days ago , I have laughed by happiness because I can hear more musics without my favor app with android smartphones ! Maybe it could not be compared to other most people near me – they are ususally listening K-Pop but not me.

And it flew some days, and I still love to listen music with Apple music app on my Androids. Apple did some updates in short term, but there’s many problems still remains as like long loading term, unstable music volume levels – or it may not problem of app.

A big problem is belong to most of people listening in South Korea who loves to listen music in Korean – such as K-POP.

Also problem comes to me, there’s no way to listen explicit songs even I have checked show explicit contents in setting menu.


There’s too weak contents compare to iTunes US, but 7.99 USD may OK for accept lacks in this time and hope it will be better than now in the future.