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Why our candle be continued

 It was 11th public assembly where meet togethet in Gwang-Hwa-Mun square to fight with dictatorship’s daughter and her dirty followers. I was among  in there and standed with people hold a candle, shout together to fight with dictatorial government.

Anybody should ask why we need fight with much invisible things? Why we need fight with immoralities from rusted old ? Because we lives in among of democracy. Not like despotic state – almost red communist’s nations.

But by watch our time in the past in a centry, dictatorship followers got power again with old ruined ghost and his daughter – as like a lunatic heroin of them. A dead dictator became demi-god from them even some protestants who believe this ruined dictationship’s ghost as their one of god! Waht a shameless are!

The Candle fire should not be blown off until people’s democratic demands be come true and relized as common who fights with abominations from the ruined past.

And we will goes on.

New laptop.

Finally I got a new laptop for me from my wife. She gave it to me for make new era as a deveoper to extend my skills. So I lovely appeared royalty apreciated to my lord her!

Now I have totally 3 different OS laptops: Windows64, Linux64 and OSX64.

Will keep in work, for true multi platforms.

New laptop_

Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13″ ( 2015 early )

Intel Core-i7 3.1GHz / 16GB RAM / 1TB PCIe SSD

Cherry Blossoms of Ulefone Paris in 2016.

Loading image... Loading image... Loading image... Loading image...

Here some pictures of my Ulefone Paris. will offlined for while.

This server runs on iptime router and DDNS also.

In the new year, my home router reservated to Gigabit ethernet, and old iptime router fade away to the past.

There’ one problem of turn off to the offline for a while because new Gigabit ethernet not support DDNS and there’s not me because I’m biz trip to Las Vegas !

I guess my little server will back to different DDNS name.

See you next time.

A dangerous adventure …


I have determinded to make a deal for dangerous adventure, buying SSD in Ali-Express. Totally paid 69.03 USD included delivery in Chinese registered air post to South Korea. I don’t know name of KingDian, how they are known to market in SouthKorea. But I expect believe people’s review.

Actually I will use this SSD for my old laptop for anti-shaking while using on my knee or in the car. I have an exprience using Sandisk mSATA SSD with converter before in a while. It really enough to using laptop as like iPad for no matter shaking it, or battery life.

But my laptop using low powered i3 version, Pentium whatever. It supports SATA 3 but it doesn’t matter beacause processor speed is not enough handle BUS/IO speed of SSD. It just marks highest SSD functional speed, so I determinded change it for little lower speed model like this KingDian.

I am worry about fake capacity, but I like to believe previous bought user’s review. Writing speed is almst 120GB/sec, that will be enough for my slow laptop, also 240GB with using external storage or, with paid google drive.

PLEASE, Don’t disappoint me, Ali … and KingDian.

Next interesting: Blackview Omega Pro.

I found an interesting new smartphone as named as Blackview Omega Pro. Just looks like my iPhone4 and 5. Metal(Aluminium) alloy outter shell and tempered glass front and back. Black and simple. Non-soft navigation keys. Has 3GB of memory and 16GB NAND flash, supported external memory (TF) as up to 128GB. What a nice one.

So could you imagine how its price is? Just under 140USD.

Blackview_OmegaPro_03 Blackview_OmegaPro_02 Blackview_OmegaPro_01

I don’t know how Chinese manufacturer could be made this stuff in this price. But specification is looks really over nice in price.

Screenshot from 2015-09-15 15:37:48

MTK 64bit 8 cores ARM CPU and 2400mAh of non-replaceabled battery. Supports overall networks. Wow… HD resolution in 5″ is acceptable if you don’t need use 3D head gear like Oculus Rift (Head Mount Display). May 2400mAh of battery will be nice in HD LCD resolution with Android OS.

I will continue to make purchase and write a review after previous Blackview Alife S1.

Some tips for while delivery done in Ali-Express.

aliexpress_leftup_cutted  If you know, or want to buy something in Ali-Express of China, it will be better to read before you have do something.

Ali-Express mostly contolled by Ali-Baba and Ali-Express (Ali-Group) managing group. But you must remember sellers are not kind of employee of Ali. So Ali-Express made buyer protection system like doing “Open dispute”. But everything is depends on your decision.

Here I writing some good to remember buying something before use payment, and selecting good seller, or deal with seller.


They are Asian

First, they are mostly Asian, or Chinese. Some sellers are using really difficult-to-understanding English. You can check this on selling item description. You may something difficult to understand what they are written, even I am hard to understand also I am an Asian. So you may need read their description in focused.

Check Seller’s level

buying_item_in_alie_03 Every sellers are has their level like most of games. it starts with medal to medals, and upgrades to colorful jewels like above image. You may check how many people scored positive feedback. It’s easy but important.





Must read feedbacks

buying_item_in_alie_04buying_item_in_alie_02 This is really important. If you are buying over 10 USD, read feedback first. If feedbacks are within 10 or not 5 stars, don’t buy or consider it. Most of popular item feedbacks are written in Russian, then you may use Google translation web site, or use translate function of Android if you are using it.

Check delivery method

buying_item_in_alie_05-  You can choose delivery method in shipping selection on item page. And they are mostly using these delivery methods.

  • Chinese ordinary small packet, or Seller’s shipping method.
  • Chinese registered air mail
  • Hongkong air post
  • Singapore Post
  • Netherland Post
  • e-EMS or EMS
  • DHL
  • UPS

Here is some different conditions to selecting method of seller. Worst is “Chinese ordinary small packet” or “Seller’s shipping method”. It is mostly chosen by under value of 10 USD in free shipping. But it is really really really slow to your destination. It takes over a month in average in Asia. Other area may increased to 2 monthes. And a problem is they are using fake parcel codes in all numberic like 123123123. It shows fake delivery state in only China.


It doesn’t never tracked outside of China and even it is not real tracking method, just fake. You can’t predict when it arrived in your country. If you want your item quickly delivered in your destination? Choose “Chinese registered air mail” or more paid method.

And you may also remember, every Lithium-ion/polymer battery included goods are only deliver with “Singapore post” or “Netherland post”. It takes 2 or 3 weeks in normally, but sometimes over a month. Just you need keep calm and wait for long.



You can ask anything to seller by clicking “Centact Seller” before buying, or after bought. And it is important to used in evidance of disputation and payback. Sometimes you can check delivery(shipping) method by message and pay more bucks to upgrade method. Because some sellers are not using “Chinese air post” even they are written in item page. You may need check this if you are now buying under value of 10 USD.



If you have any problem when you didn’t get ordered stuff over 2 monthes, or broken delivery. Don’t be panic. Just use “Open Dispute”. It is similar with normal conversation of “Messages”. But doing “Open dispute”, it automatically holds item delivery process. You must check shipping term remind days and it never arrived in your destination in promised shipping days, you must open dispute. Then you can claim your discontents on message area, and seller must be answered that in shortly. If not answered by seller, your bad stuff is automatically refund by Ali-Express buyer protection system. Don’t forget check delivery term.


Ali-Express is good online shopping method from goods of China. But you need understand what all sellers are not like your country. You need keep mind they are not like us, then make it order to safely delivered in your home in really low price.

Sometimes server disconnected …

Disconnected Sometimes my poor server displayed as “disconnected”. Actually it is reason of my cheap AP router as known as IPtime. Manufacturer of IPtime provides latest firmware for security, but limitation of HW could not be going to better. I have reorganized to putting thermal treat system and changed for good enery supporting, but its unstable not be better. Actually I want to buy new router but reality don’t give me money and chance.

Ok, I believe someone visit my small server and be helped. And I will try to keep my little server going to stable as I can do.


 Oh … Emily, please. Could you allow to buy a new router?