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Passive mini headphone amplifier D08

What for?

 This is a passive headphone amp for small handheld devices. Non-controlled, Non-option for user friendly. Just amplifying a little bit more for your high impedance headphones for around 10 USD.

Package is really simple.

 This amplifier has built-in Lithium-Polymer battery about 800mAh for running thru over 12hrs as manufacturer description. And I tested 2 or 3 months in real life, and I didn’t saw it turned off by battery drained out. It was very convenience small device to listening music more detailed and louder on out-door.

Bundles: 2.5 to 3.5mm Aux-Line cable and Micro-5pins charging cable. Plus, an unreadable manual.

What passive ?

 This small headphone amplifier has no switch to turn-on, equalizer and bass boost. Only automatically turns on by plug your headphone into device, and it is notice with blue LED on beside of 3.5mm plug hole.

You can just plugged as picture, it may not activated until headphone plugged in.


  Charging is very simple, plug out 2.5mm jack from amplifier, then plug micro-5pins USB charging cable to port just deside of 2.5mm plug hole. It will starting charging with red LED on opposite near 3.5mm headphone jack plug hole. One more other testing for “In-use-while-charging” not able by narrow width between 2.5mm and micro-5pin holes.



Process of breaking down a subject and studying it was simple, just unscrew two hexa bolts meaning done. There’s a single chipset CS4410C(B128) of Chipstar, and I could find little information here.

Chipstar CS4410C

: Off-ranged function Class G headphone amplifier 130MW stereo CS4410 TSSOP14 packaging.


 This small headphone amplifier is helps little more louder, feels to hearing more detailed sound without anything to be controlled. Just plug and listening music for my life and it will be part of mine for just 10 USD if you( or I ) don’t care audiophiler’s judge. Just good to be enjoying music in little bit more louder.

Handheld retro game console “Retro FC” review

The memory of past, my younger times remembers what I played, what I wanted to play. This small gaming console has hundreds of unclear to original or not games, and some are not working correctly. But China made this for only under 20 USD includes shipping fee – Great copyright avoiding leading nation. And I can waste my boring time with this small device.

CPU : Epoxy molded some kind of 8bit MCU.
RAM : unknown ( maybe included in CPU )
RAM : Seems to kinda NAND flash ( maybe within 512MB )
LCD : 3″ TFT ( 320×240 or less, NF pannel, not IPS )
TVO : Supports analog VHS out with mono audio thru 3.5mm plug to RCA cable
BAT : BL-5C 900mAh

Counted to 168, some games are same but different name or version, some games are not able to play because key dosen’t work.

Almost of similar products ( just different game counting on box ) has same box detail and view as like this:

Contains a paper what described how to use – yes, it is manual – with a battery and a charging cable ( old school USB mini B type ). Specially BL-5C is very popular Lithium based battery of China products.

BL-5C battery, 900mAh capacity

Little review
 Console is similar size of Nintendo Gamboy (legacy version of 4 gray level LCD), actually copied shape exactly. But each buttons feeling to weak to good to press for gaming. No option to hearing in headphone thru 3.5mm headphone jack.

Device UI only supports English or Chinese with Final-Fight in game OST as background music
Many games, but real playable is less.

 Many games are ready but I could played for few games. Almost of games modified version in China ( maybe for avoiding copyright from original version ). But still it got some positive side for player – “WORTHY !” – for under 20 USD.

 This is perfectly dark sided, avoiding copyright laws, cheap piece of plastic. Hard to control player charactor in game by bad rubber dom buttons. But I am now playing this little device before going sleep in muted. Long battery helps drop worries to recharging. Many junk games feeling myself going tired as soon for good sleeping. All bads can handle with under 20 USD.

Latest Inland SSD 480GB has no DRAM !

When I bought Inland SSD 480GB again from Amazon, I found new SSD is exactly different from old model by just open paper box – that was plastic enclosured SSD, it was never expected.

Left : new, Right: old

 Aghhh .. always problem is ‘cost down matter’ of many manufacturer, new SSD model may changed ODM manufacturer, It means no more metal enclosured chasis, no DDR cache for stability and fast performance for end up capacity, so they are discontinued many things. Here is more negative issues when I open case for putting thermal pads to manage heating.

One third size PCB from the past, why? What happended to them  … Yes, new Inland SSD 480GB is totally different, here is PCB picture of previous model with enclosure, black painted steel? aluminium? with full sized PCB with many components.


Previous SSD 480GB contains full size PCB with many Toshiba NANDs with DDR memory beside Phison controller. Every side of PCB finished with grounding that increases durability. Much different with new !

But new PCB is smaller than previous, it is like Chineses cheap SSD, just one third size from SATA3 connector, Different Phison controller is really smaller than previous, different model of PS3111-S11 from PS3110-S10.

New SSD model PS3111-S11 is made for 3D MLC and TLC NAND models without DDR cache, just supports SLC cachining for limited capacity. So fresh device may not makes troubles while write datas until this SLC caching ran out – then most of lacks of performance occurs mostely filled capacity in half.

New SSD 480GB ironed two NANDs up and down side, may better than Chinese single module. But still there’s nothing like write cache on board. ‘Quick forget makes me comfort’, yes fast way is just close the enclosure with my minimal thermal therapy, I put some copper tapes to spread heats from controller and backside NAND while it operates in high temperature thru thermal pad.

Plastic enclosure makes high temperature thermals stucks in small chamber because there’s nothing like to space to spreads out heated air to outside of enclosure. So I am always using this solution to makes components of high temperature heating components to against roasted death of them.

Fresh performance at USB 3.0 controller with UASP is almost 300MB/sec to sequence write, and sequence reading is 360MB/sec.

Phison PS3111-S11 controller supports thermal monitoring – some Chinese cheap models are not support this, with minimal S.M.A.R.T features. I’m not sure PS3111-S11 how keep good performance when filled in over half capacity until now, I will continue to write in later for getting more experiences.

Anyway, “Inland” sold their trust to money for thir profit.

7artisans 25mm f1.8 manual lens for E-Mount

About Lens

7artisans is an unaccustomed brand name among the lens makers of the world. I bought it about 55 USD in Aliexpress. Most of price tagged as about 55 to 80 USD to each different sellers, but actual real supply price known as under 50 USD from unofficial reliable source.

This lens is made for short flange back models – a.k.a mirrorless, and my choice was E-Mount. Whole material seems to made with Aluminium, focus and aperture ring rotates in very smooth, specially aperture ring not stepped as like formal lens.

Lens looks well matched with my NEX-5N black – I love so much, cold and hard feeling on my fingers, really smoothly rotating each control rings, what an excellent experience to me falling in memory of the past.

Depth of focus at F1.8 makes many blurred effect, and it occurs more when object closer than far. Lens minimal length of focus starts from 18cm from sensor, so most of shot should easier in door with 25mm wide degree.

Quality is much nice than I expected, specially each end side of lens, Little berrel distortion, little spatial distortion. This lens may really be a favor item when take shoots in Caf’e




This lens gave me some fun to taking pictures today. Each time I need adjusting focus ring to object. Higher than average quality of result may gives many fun for amarture photographer. And recommend to using my MIOHDR app to better result.

Bluboo Dual real life review

This in life review written for Bluboo Dual. Thi is a smartphone from chana, built in daul camera and made with aluminium metal uni-body budget phone priced in around 100 USD from Aliexpress. Has no phsysical navigation buttons on bottom of screen, but some space left – maybe it was a plan for using touch navigation area as like others ? – and it may used to hold phone to watch something.

Whatever it is, this smartphone using on screen soft navi keys – maybe uncomfort for like me who doesn’t lile to using soft keys loosing whole screen resolution by displaying this useless shi* – I am really hate this soft key.

Something special features for good sales point may thoes of “”Dual lenses” and “Finger print scanner”. Finger print sensing speed was similar like to Xiaomi Redmi 3 or later series, quickly sensing my fingers like iPhone and Xiaomi Redmi3s of mine. Dual lenses meaning just a taste of DOF(Depth of field) – like DSLR out focused at point to anywhere on screen and picture.

But not recommended to feeling as real DSLR effect, just hardware leveled blurring effect. Not real DOF and qulity is coarsened.

But normal pictures from camera, it is certainly enhanced a little from previous Mediatek ISP. Dirty noises has enhanced to more detailed but still not enough feels like “IT IS AMAZING!”. Just worth for this price around 100 USD.

Dual lenses may good for feeling looks good as like ” I have dual ! like iPhone 7 plus!”, but not real iPhone 7 plus, swag. Positive side is fast sensing speed of my finger print, it is one of fastest device among I had that from China.

Ear speaker is best point of this budget one, voice hears with heavy bass, supports UMTS AMR (not sure VoLTE). But loud speaker hears like cheappy vinyl, don’t expect like iPhone.

Here is a simple conclusion.


  • Cheap, may around 100 to 110 USD on market.
  • Bright&Sharp 1080p Full HD resolution at 5.5″ IPS LCD.
  • Dual Lens, DOF effect (w/ built in SLR camera app)
  • 3000 mAh battery holds a day for ordinary usage.
  • Slim metal uni-body.
  • Fast finger-print sensor.


  • Fake dual standby SIM, one must be for GSM only with 3G/UMTS or LTE.
  • Useless in North America include almost of United states
  • No more update for air. Latest version marked as V3.06
  • Uncertified Google Apps. ( manufacturer Bluboo not registered to Google )
  • Not supports Quick Charge
  • SCweather : built-in malware

Depends on your flavor, yeah

  • Damn soft navigation key.
  • Useless bottom side wide bezel – what for ?
  • Built in 3000 mAh Battery.


bonus issue: How to remove SCweather ?

First, you can disable app in setting menu, or if you got TWRP and ready to flash, use my zip flashing script.

This zip flashable patch disables these system apps : (and disclaimer, all problems used my patch zip is up to your decision, before doing this flash, you must allow all problems not belong to me.)

  • AdupsFota
  • AdupsFotaReboot
  • AutoDialer
  • BSPTelephonyDevTool
  • FWUpgrade
  • FWUpgradeProvider
  • MtkFloatMenu
  • MTKLogger
  • MtkQuickSearchBox
  • SCweather
  • ThemeStore
  • PrizeFactoryTest
  • Baidu_Location

If you like edit apps to removed, just extract zip file and change script in META-INF\com\google\android.

Two different version of Lexar SDXC 64GB UHS-1 (300x)

I found something interested issue, it is about two different version of Lexar SDXC 64GB 300x where it made from. My cards are two different nations : Taiwan and Korea. And I could suppose one of those must be belong to Barun Electronics of South Korea.

So I had check what different is benchmark, first is from Taiwan.

Reading speed in sequence, about 45~46MB/sec in USB 3.0 (UHS-1) card reader. And Writing speed recorded as 24~26MB/sec. Important in using Android device may 4K writing speed, and it recorded around 1MB/sec.

And next is from Korea.

Reading is definitely better than Taiwan, but real performance is not belong to speed of reading. Check writing speed, and really important is maybe 4K, as see, it recorded under 1MB/sec, really poor.

If you can choose what it from, I strongly recommends choose Taiwan. Don’t waste your valuable memories by accident at once by happening sudden death of sdcard of Barun Electronics. It really sucks, I had wasted totally 3 64GB cards even it printed MLC on surface.

Super★Talent Express NST1 128GB review

 Super★Talent is a brand name sales USB mass storages and memory products in USA. NST1 128GB is one of their USB drive in middle price.

NST1 used Single channel TLC NAND flash with SMI controller, writes up to 90MB/sec, reading up to 120MB/sec in sequence.

Accessing random placed data – related in 4K – speed is better than MLC series of NST1 64GB. Light weight and easy to use, little tightly pull up and down case is may better than loose and easily lost case or cover.

Doogee Shoot 1 hands on

Doogee Shoot 1 is a budget smartphone among brothers of samely born from MT6737T. Brothers are came out each same shapes, Dual lenses with finger print sensor.

Here I writing some hands-on-review for checking package and until it boots up.

Package arrived,

It was arrived in a week with DHL shipping option from AliExpress. I have paid under 10 USD for this option and seller kindly serviced well. There’s some gifts: USB 5V2A single car cigar hole charger and short silver colored touch pen, fish bone shaped cable holder, small fabric piece to clean screen and some plugging rubbers.

Package box was made with Paper, like iPhone or its copycat – Sunshil Electronics, ha! Doogee saved useless spaces well – I loved this.

What’s inside ?

There’s one Shoot 1. It already applied screen protecting film and I can tear off thin printed outter film easily.  Let’s ignore it’s so familiar shape have seen before … Mmm …

Shoot 1 also kindly put wear protecting TPU jacket already. And under inside, there’s a SIM extracting pin, micro USB cable and 5V 2A travel charger with simple manual. It’s all of inside a box. Ah, one more protecting film inside.

Dual camera

Like other brothers, shoot 1 also designed to use dual lenses to make Depth of Focus(DOF) effect as like DSLR. There’s dual flahs also placed middle of lenses. But don’t expect real DOF not availed to this cheapy budget smartphone, It’s imitating effect. Don’t be deceived by their fake promotions. But each single shots and videos really improved than before.

Charging & USB port & Speakers ?

Shoot 1 is still used traditional micro USB port, and it is accepts 5V 2A charging. Unfortunately still most of Chinese manufacturer not ready to using quick charging solution as like Qualcomm’s. Bottom side looks has stereo spearks but don’t believe it, one side is blocked so no sounds from right side. It is imitation.

SIM tray

Doogee shoot 1 designed to use double slots in one tray. One micro SIM and one more micro SIM or micro SD card.


And …

Doogee shoot 1 is a budget phablet to buy in 100 to 110 USD. It has Full HD IPS LCD, dual lenses plus front selfie camera, extends up to 128GB micro SD card, well made body, moderated ARM CPU with MALi GPU for enjoying your economical life.

And this review will be continued to softwares.

Review of Ulefone Vienna.

Ulefone Vienna was placed in my demand-list to buy when its cost comes down under 130 USD. And it was able to buy in 120 USD in a month ago. It delivered me with DHL from China while only a week.

Vienna was designed to perfect experience to listening music with professional level DAC as manufacturer description with FHD resolution in 5.5″ IPS display – I expected more better than LG G3, and it is exactly matched for me.

Bundled clear TPU case helped me carrying for while, and easily clean out any stains. But back-butt placed speaker gave to me bad position to listening any sound and any others. But it could be accept by price because its loud level is much bigger than any other android budget phones.

Camera, it is like any others, little bit better, maybe. But it could not be expect excellent picture on evening to night, or dark places. Just a same like most of Chineses budget phones.

Fingerprint scanner works well, better than modern budget phones price around 100 USD. It could be sens my finger in any degree like iPhone or Xiaomi. But ratio of corretly works not much better than as I expected.

Hardware touching area is my one of loved feature, it may much better than any software navi. It will be better if it has illuminations like small LED lights on back side, but there’s nothing like my hopes.

One more special feature, left side a button is useful or an obstacle as who using this, I couldn’t find how it be turned off but works too well. I thought it will better if it has any bumps around button to press not so easily. But it will be pleased by using TPU case for protect pressing button so easily.

Software – OS was upgraded to 6.0 with OTA thru WiFi easily. I could upgrade OS and testing well, but many preinstalled apps are also like previous Ulefone models.

So I need replace recovery partition to adjusting my app conditions with TWRP and my customized zip files. Then, it works so perfectly. Much longer battery life and nothing to annoying.

Vienna became to lowest price in a year, It should be good choice to listening music without external amp for your ( or my ) headphones what has high resistance.

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After a while, review of Doogee Y6.

Few monthes ago, I have trip to Vietnam with Emily for a week in Da Nang. It was impressed experience for me and lovely times for having past times of our country in my 40’s age. (sigh …)

I was planed to use Vietnam prepaid SIM cards for travel in 3G network of Vietnam. It was successfully worked in Da Nang in HSPA+ network and voice call also excellent for me.

Camera was just OK for day light, Not enough to took a scene in night, Everybody may not accept noisy and blurred picture. Dynamic range seems not much better than modern smartphones.

Here I took some pictures in Da Nang of Vietnam. All pictures just resized to 1024px in long side, and nothing else affected.

Difference of Bright area to Dark (shadow) side seems not flatten as like a centry ago. It just Ok for day light but not much good enough to take a shot in less lights – from evening to night. I was good for snap shot while traveling anywhere for searching google map and taking pictures in one hand.

Durability is verified for me by dropping solid bottom, actually it was not my fault, by some aunty smashed my hand in Lotte Mart in Hanoi (South from Da Nang, about a hour by van). It was smashed to bottom, side of screen exactly, I was really surprised and Phone gone for unstable to cannot detect external SD. Just I have reboot it and it became normal. Nothing broken or scratched, just my protecting film saved real glass. Everything was OK.

It was enough good for me. Need some work to disable many services apps. Some system UI not so good for recognized (specially system max memory indicating while app task screen by long press of home button) but it is not much bad for me by this smartphone price.

It could be recommended by looking for around 100 USD budget 5.5″ HD display with durable chasis. But I strongly recommend to user may possible to understand cusomized recovery and SP-Flash program to flash some customizes.

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