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Server recovered back.

Everytime to updating latest versions of each plug-ins and theme makes me have check what it chnaged. And I didn’t wait for what it done for updating previous theme.

It was recovered easily to putting definition for exactly what domain name to Word Press configuration.

Now Removu S1 supports firmware upgrading for Mac OS X.

It’s been a long waiting, Ha!

Now Removu S1 supports Mac OS X with their new Mac OS X app. Sure it made with native codes with llvm-gcc and FLTK 1.3.4-1-ts of my git clone, thanks anyway.

It was started from their Windows based (actually made with M$VS C# and WTF… no! WPF ? whatever sucks strange GUI hmm … dot NET ?, you know what it is, actually I can not sure) but I couldn’t made anything with their Chinses commented source code, ever. Because it was only runs on Windows, and serial communicating not compatibled with any POSIX, ahh … what a beautiful situation, hugh ?

So I made it whole codes from my open sources, try to make communicate with S1 device on Mac OS X and Linux for while, and I need cold reboot MUCH times by goddam Silicon Labs’ MotherFather driver ( holy sheeeeet thanks to them ), And actually had success to match the argument of S1 packets, it was really hard way.

Now Mac OS X users may understand my previous blurred effect graphics, Just enjoy !


I was made it with Mint Linux, but Essel-T seems not planned to support Linux, that’s so sad news.

Work in a game even you are playing that game now.

A game surprised me – actually it was lean to negative side – by design new circuit and programming it into each component inside – what a brilliant idea, hugh ? It looks like explain : A game for working (or training ) even I am playing a game!

Name of that game was “Shenzhen IO”, much familiar word Shenzhen may made me surprised again. May many engineers really familiar name of area in China – “Shenzhen”.

Shenzhen of China
Image from Godgle map.

If you have plane to buy this crazy game, and wanna work in your game, strongly recommend buy this working-game “Shenzhen IO”!

And you may remind this game is not from China, it is born in Mesacgusetts state of Ameria – and must be programmers are from MIT. Now pick up your crow bar to fight with them !

Or, Maybe some instructions or Ph.D loves this game to give experience to their students are going more stained with stress, what a brilliant, hugh, Great !

Eventually he came to the throne.

I’ve wait for a long time. It was little bit hard times, bad smells of dictatorship, idiot’s poor things, it may a living marionette doll of rusted old dictorship fellowers.

ChoongNam and SeJong state of South Korea, Mr.Moon wins

Now here came my president Mr.Moon in a day ago, kept watching his legendary backing of people to defeat all other rusts. Sure some regions still backing rust politic party (as below image, reds)

Like Republican Party of USA, JayuHankukdang is a party of Hong JunPyo. He is wasting words like president Trumph, many fellowers insistenced Hong may be new president of South Korea with Shy Hongs as like Shy Trumphs.

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

 But South Korea is not USA, and there’s no people like feeling shy to supporting a rudless man. Derbuleh-MinJuDang ( as Democratic Party of USA ) and leader Mr. Moon Jae-In defeated all presidential hopefuls, and get stand as the new president of South Korea.

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

 Like a sword master in RPG, Mr. Moon raised people’s wish to take back democracy and freedom from rusty ghosts of dictatorship. Seoul, the capital of South Korea took over 40% among many election runners.

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

 He was double scored at JeonNam state, overed 50% and got people’s supports as like root of big tree. Even Ahn couldn’t get less support by half of Mr.Moon at JeonBuk state. IT WAS TOTALLY WINNER of Jeonra state. Ahn doesn’t a matter for Mr.Moon.

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

 Eventually for hours, voting count reached to 90%, Each runners getting lost distances and it couldn’t be compared Mr.Moon’s score.

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

 Ahn was strongly insists he will get many supports from GwanJu, but result was half of Mr.Moon. It was not a game to play for poor Ahn.

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

 Vote counts reached over 85% to who will be president of South Korea, Almost Mr.Moon got highest scored. Then …

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

My president, South Korea’s new president confirmed to Mr.Moon Jae-In. What a glory of people’s desire, Glory of democracy, Glory of Yellow ribbons !

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

 Now we got the best leader who listening people, cares any people, loves people. President of South Korea, for the people, by the people. And I’m sure he will always win the game, as like sword master.

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

 Because there’s many backers stands in behind him. And I’m one of them, my family also of them, and we will fight together from dictatorship and rusts of Park Junghee.

Image captured from SBS-Live streaming

 My president, Our president, Mr.Moon JaeIn. We will stands for him. He will stands for us. We got a hero, we got a savior from sinking boat that named South Korea.

I will not forget this day.

The negotiator comes to us. And now he became President of South Korea.

Don’t be a victim of AliExpress faud coin sales.

It is my terrible experience happended in a hour ago, I found a 3.5″ Orico HDD enclosure with 1099 Ali coins with 17.99 USD. I have understand it must be a chance to buy it lowest cost because huge amount coins required to buy this.

Had paid over 19 USD with faster shipping method with 1099 coins ! It was a long time to gather 1099 coins, everyday I need attend get 16 coins, easily I could calculated 1099 / 16 = 68.6 days ! 1/5 of a year.

And terrible experience soon happeneded because I found lower cost with same seller !

 What? 16.91 USD ?

So I have check again my previous item what I have ordered.

 What the f**k ?

Yes, I was a victim. AliExpress need many people be victims to wasting their Ali coins with more expensive price of some fraud sales, by fake it looks more cheaper than others.

Don’t be a victim.

AliExpress doing faud sales with Ali-Coins.

Chinese finally doing bad sales with fake issues. Really bad people.
Please share this article as you can if you are also a victim as like me.

Bad asses, Stop doing that !

And I tried to refund my wasted Ali coins, but they just left me this words:

Yes, you are just corry, that’s all. So thank you so much so f**king preciate !

HTTP not secured, thanks browsers.

Yes, many browsers now planned to display “NOT SECURED” on URL input, yes we know HTTP is legacy, but for any input method meaning not secured? Nonsens!

Making SSL encryption may increases security for personal information, yes may many people knows, but I want to claim why it enforce all web sites need use SSL even they only have “Search input” ?

How about case like mine, just using really small private server only works on Palapa server (Android and lighttpd with PHP and mySQL). Need SSL ? For whom?

Thank you for good sales to SSL. Be a rich ! Hale to them !


Why our candle be continued

 It was 11th public assembly where meet togethet in Gwang-Hwa-Mun square to fight with dictatorship’s daughter and her dirty followers. I was among  in there and standed with people hold a candle, shout together to fight with dictatorial government.

Anybody should ask why we need fight with much invisible things? Why we need fight with immoralities from rusted old ? Because we lives in among of democracy. Not like despotic state – almost red communist’s nations.

But by watch our time in the past in a centry, dictatorship followers got power again with old ruined ghost and his daughter – as like a lunatic heroin of them. A dead dictator became demi-god from them even some protestants who believe this ruined dictationship’s ghost as their one of god! Waht a shameless are!

The Candle fire should not be blown off until people’s democratic demands be come true and relized as common who fights with abominations from the ruined past.

And we will goes on.

Eventually, Oukitel U20 Pro placed my hand.

Took about over a month in long patient to it arrived to me even I ordered with DHL shipping option because it seems to seller (or Oukitel) not stocked this new budget device.

Anyway, DHL delivered in only 3 days from HongKong – it was really fastest experience ever – and now I have it.

Package and bundles

Todays most of Chinese smartphone manufacturer not gives any headphone to customer as bundled. Oukitel U20 Pro also not provides them.

U20 really seems to have too diet, the cost reduction made it seems to empty, Cheappy mico-USB cable, junk 5V-1A USB charger, SIM tray exporting pin (as like iPhone series) and small manual book are all in one box. and I have sealed most of these to box again.

Fortunately U20 already covered with transparency TPU case with bubbled screen protect film. I was need to remove dust in bubble with sticky tapes and glued again.

Little lacks made me some more double checked but everything was acceptable for price – I paid this for only 88.99 USD ( + 10.52 USD for DHL ).

First working test without any picture

Sorry about no picture, but I will this review again with pictures soon.

About display: FHD 5.5″ IPS has little bit shadow in bottom side as like most of budget phones from China. It was little bit hard to understand in first time, but it becomes comfort now. Little forget makes me comforted, wow. But it really not matter because screen bright is so good. Some bottom sided shadows or spots could be ignored.

Responsibility: I couldn’t believe MT6737T feels so fast in 1.5GHz speed. Default launcher was fully cusomized as like MIUI (no app drawer) and theme switchabled with fastest touching experience – Similar like Vernee Thor.

Dual camera: U20 Pro has different camera UI because dual lens but I couldn’t check how it works. I found “SLR” mode but it is not acceptable as like iPhone7. Single picture quality was amazing – Maybe it is bestest camera quality among my testing smartphones from China.

And more: It was just testing for defection check, so there’s no detailed review not yet. I will continue to write a detailed review with good pictures.

Maybe U20 becomes best budget phone under 100 USD in the world…