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Handheld retro game console “Retro FC” review

The memory of past, my younger times remembers what I played, what I wanted to play. This small gaming console has hundreds of unclear to original or not games, and some are not working correctly. But China made this for only under 20 USD includes shipping fee – Great copyright avoiding leading nation. And I can waste my boring time with this small device.

CPU : Epoxy molded some kind of 8bit MCU.
RAM : unknown ( maybe included in CPU )
RAM : Seems to kinda NAND flash ( maybe within 512MB )
LCD : 3″ TFT ( 320×240 or less, NF pannel, not IPS )
TVO : Supports analog VHS out with mono audio thru 3.5mm plug to RCA cable
BAT : BL-5C 900mAh

Counted to 168, some games are same but different name or version, some games are not able to play because key dosen’t work.

Almost of similar products ( just different game counting on box ) has same box detail and view as like this:

Contains a paper what described how to use – yes, it is manual – with a battery and a charging cable ( old school USB mini B type ). Specially BL-5C is very popular Lithium based battery of China products.

BL-5C battery, 900mAh capacity

Little review
 Console is similar size of Nintendo Gamboy (legacy version of 4 gray level LCD), actually copied shape exactly. But each buttons feeling to weak to good to press for gaming. No option to hearing in headphone thru 3.5mm headphone jack.

Device UI only supports English or Chinese with Final-Fight in game OST as background music
Many games, but real playable is less.

 Many games are ready but I could played for few games. Almost of games modified version in China ( maybe for avoiding copyright from original version ). But still it got some positive side for player – “WORTHY !” – for under 20 USD.

 This is perfectly dark sided, avoiding copyright laws, cheap piece of plastic. Hard to control player charactor in game by bad rubber dom buttons. But I am now playing this little device before going sleep in muted. Long battery helps drop worries to recharging. Many junk games feeling myself going tired as soon for good sleeping. All bads can handle with under 20 USD.

My last headphone AKG K619 plug mod.

Here my last outdoor headphone AKG K619 need to mod because cables continuously damaged by banding – It is really ridiculous thing, how weak cable is !

img_1739_rscw It was my second time to see damaged cable, and judged to it not be necessary fix again this. So I made it to different one.

Now I need soldering iron, soldering wire, shrinkable tube and boding material to fix connector. After prepared all items then I open left side of headphone – it was easy.


Then remove all damage part of cables with soldering iron, then put new part to make AKG K619 as detachable plug.


Finish well each parts to resit from outter shock with bonding materials, then make them together as like before. Ta-da !


Now my AKG K619 detachable plug as like K545. No need to worry about changing bad cable no more. I can buy almost all headphone cables from anywhere and it works perfectly even it has mic controller or not.

Recommend do this mod if you like make your headphone going better. It doesn’t make sound going worst, just make it more comfort.


and … RIP AKG.


Experience about Zhilai H8 USB DAC.


The name of “Zhilai” seems to a brand of manufacturing single audio devices in China, I could see many products in Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay.

So I have to decided have dangerous trip to Chinese den.

For 2 weeks for shipping days, and package was just simple: One USB DAC and USB cable with air protecting bag, whole thing was inside a paper box.

A short story

Actually some kinds as like these side – personal HiFi world – may seperated by which features more importants as my thought. In case of me, not cares out shape. Only importants are lower heating for metal chassis, and smooth volume knob, multiple line out for speaker and other devices, plus not for addtional power source runs only for USB bus power – because I like use self-amp powered speaker like one of old centry’s relic Creative lab’s Inspire 2.1 2400 model.


I was look for better than bundle audio on my old desktop mainboard, actually it has multiple channel outs but basically bad audio quality always gives me bad audio experience. Before buy this device, I used FiiO E07K and E01K DACs but I need more different experience. Then it eventually held on my hand.

Quality of shape

It was about 24 USD for this device.

Actually I didn’t expect nice quality for out and inside, but it was better than my thought.


Anodized to black aluminium chassis well finished and assembled to each part. Size is actually smaller than my iPhone6s and bigger than FiiO E01K. Weight is little heavy so not moves easily. Smooth volume knob is excellent to me, I love this feeling while control volume !


In back side, there’s only traditional stereo RCA audio out for passive speaker and USB input with pwered LED. USB connector is very tight, so I don’t worry it going to loose then makes bad connection while listening something.

It was really enough to powered output thru default RCA audio out and line out on front. Actually too powerful than I expected,maybe over 2V in maximum. So it was not possible to use with my old speaker friend, too big sound not I wanted, it was too loud forr me.

As USB device

Zhilai H8 detects as C-Media USB Headphone set in USB 1.1 speed. There’s not much many features to be controlled by user.


Ouput quality option only availed for two: 16bit 44KHz and 48KHz. 24bit detailed output not possible. And Windows cannot controls volume! If I have to adjust volume, it must be only possible on H8 volume knob or stop music from my desktop, or media player software down scaling.

Audio quality

It hears little bit colder than other DACs. But enough clear than my mainboard on chip audio outs. And plus, got more powerful out non-adjustable volume audio AMP.


No audio gain level. Most of DAC minimal fuction to control gain level low and high, but H8 seems always highest. I thought it may need high resistant (about 1K ohm) cable to adjust line/audio out.

Non audio volume control thru Line/Audio out. May need own contolling audio level something.


It is just better way to hear more good audio experiece than mainboard bundle. And may considered it is not kind of soundcard, no ‘line in’ and ‘mic’ port. Just made for listening music (also possible to playing game, ha !) in lowest cost about 20 USD.

I just love it to listen my musics with some headphones like AKG K550. Love it!


First contact

DREVO brand seems to new in Aliexpress, and X1 model departed to each different capacities 60GB to 480GB. They have US sales web page and produces (or distributes) to Amazon.


X1 may their first SSD products and described in Aliexpress to used HyNix MLC NANDs with SM4480EN cached with 512MB DDR memory.


Delivered well to my home, and protecting papaer box not broken any side. It may thanks to god, yeah.


Actually this packaging is really effective for protect SSD in low cost. Not much looks cheappy like previous SSD manufacturer as like King whatever.


Protecting shell color just like my old iPhone 5, space gray? Big logo put on upside and some specifications described on bottom well.




In their sales page, described MLC from Hynix, but is it really should be trusted? nay , maybe not. I have open protecting case and identified what NAND on PCB.


There’s total 8 NANDs, SM2248EN controller with 512MB DDR memory. But there’s nothing like marked SK or Hynix, just Tigo found.


Tigo ?


Tigo ??? Is this a kind of Hynix ? Nope.


Tigo is a brand of Chinease storage device manufacturer. It must be OEM or ODM by Tigo, and nobody knows what NAND type used. Just seller described as MLC, but it is not be trusted. And seller seems to lied. Liars, Chinese.

It maybe good for think about TLC or MLC, just judge to all TLC. Just hope its life not ends to fast, really.


Crystal disk information 7 could be identified all S.M.A.R.T information and its temperature really works well.


And Crystal disk mark scored as below in USB 3.0 (SS) converter. It benchmarked for maximum bandwidth of USB 3.0 well. It is really fast enough to copy anything to through even USB 3.0. Well, real SATA3 6Gbps bandwidth may reach to maximum speed as decribe as above 400MB/sec in write.

cdmark_512_64_scoreRandom access scored average 30MB/sec in write and reads are under 20MB/sec, Hmm … Yes, it must be TLC.


I was wonder its temperature not going higher while testing. Actually I put some thermal pad on controller and DDR memory  to transfer hot energy to out shell as heatsink – and it is really effective for every SSD of mine.

Access was good enough to use for secondary system or my Steam games. Not much recommend to use as primary booting disk because TLC is like a bomb that nobody knows when it blow up. But for while or a year, or many years – if you don’t use your PC or laptop too much everyday – may OK.

But still I don’t have trust about Chinese manufacturer by their own brand names.

Hardly it worked !

This is a server at home.
This is a server at home.

Whatever we knows, most servers are big or thin or black colored, arrayed, placed in dark place, flickering LED lights and looks like robots. But my home server doesn’t need like them. Just simple and easy to waste to trash if it gone to rest in peace. Androids are actually kind of toy to me if I don’t need to use it for private-safe primary phone. (yes, I like to use small and metallic body with eaten fruit logoed)

Ok, I hope I can control my little server with iptime router (as you seen, I am using iptime DDNS) and keeping alived with long live.

live long prospurr
live long prospurr