Half size mSD to SD adaptor.


This half size micro SD to SD adaptor is from Aliexpress in about half year ago. Now I am using this for my Thinkpad edge laptops (e120 and e320) for store some files to keep in long term as like musics and pictures.

Actually this device is exactly same as like bundle SD adaptor as served in package when you buy micro SDcard in any market. Only difference is it designed to half size for Macbook or most modern laptop sdcard slot. My Thinkpad Edges are also has PCI-express fastest sd-slot for use it for portable storage.

It was not so important to me before using SSD, but now it is a must have item for store my some files that not need to write in fast speed as like most of mp3/aac music files and pictures. I also stored some android ROM binaries of Chinese friends – Ulefone, Blackview, Siswoo, Cubot and more..

Profits of this small device is these.

IMG_20160605_141956 IMG_20160605_142006

You don’t need to see tail of SDcard and it totally hides inside of your card slot. (But it may hard to eject with your finger, but you can use a bobby pin as like Fallout vault citizen who exploring wasteland.)

And more faster than any USB based reader – Because most of sdcard slot is belong to PCI express, and these are access fast in 4K or small files. See following result. Specially my all laptops has no USB 3.0 !!!!


I don’t remember how much it was, but it maybe almost under 1USD in each. (so I bought it mutiple to make it over about 3 or 5 USD as my thin memory) and nothing to be broken in electric works. I was painted end edge to black because to match my laptop color, with my wife’s nail manicure.

It will be good cheap item to use your laptop sdcard slot to be a small NAND flash storage.