Latest Update for Vernee Thor

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A few days ago, eventually Vernee released their latest OTA for about 102MB. It was described to these features:

  • Little bit fixed USB connection problem to any PC.
  • Language default is now English.
  • Touch sensitive adjusted ? Really ?
  • Others, I couldn’t catch what it changed.



Thanks for keep updating Vernee budget smartphone not be forgotten in to the memory in past. And I have catches many things to been better than before as they described, but this is not final goal – Still many problems left and it could be fixed in the future who never knows when it comes to real.

The biggest feature to better now, it is “Not Vulnerable” for media server defection. It is almost the first of Android 6 of mine, really great job! Now I can use this phone to my great working phone in the office, don’t need worry about who hacks me with any invisible MMS or any web sites, really thanks about this !



Xiaomi Redmi 3s still not solved this vulnerable defection in latest security patch level 2016-06-01, but Vernee did. It is maybe the first of “Came from China”.

Latest version marked as “MOLY.LR9.W1444.MD.LWTG.MP.V78.P11” with security patch level as 2016-06-05 (Google may fixed vulnerable defection in 4 days to AOSP from 2016-06-01) in custom build numbering as “thor_20160721”.



Media server defection¬†is really simple and dangerous to any Android 6 models, it is really harmful vulnerable issue than previous “Stagefright” related issues, not limited to receiving MMS in automatically, all defection may any side whatever you have to access any network with any media that has tag information.

But Vernee still has some problems, maybe it is not only for Vernee, such like most of games not works on Thor as like below image.



I don’t think it is belong to SSL library reference, maybe access denied from storage accessing, or something I couldn’t know – but many games not could be possible to be ran on Thor if it applied external storage combine as internal storage.

And touch sensitive, it is never enhanced from before. Still too sensitive, no options to be adjusted in setting menu. Nothing to do.

A single fingerprint scanner seems little bit enhanced to recornise my finger to unlock the phone, but still I need put right place, right degree be anxious.

Vernee seems to still in working for better user experiences, it is really welcome to me and any other people who using their products, and I like to give good points to them as it is better than other minor brands in China.

Hope Vernee updates not be discontinued and my Thor going better with latest updates.