My favorite headphone manufactur company AKG, the part of Harman group, now gone to burried by SoonSil Electronics domination. SoonSil Electorics means ThreeStars in Korean, and it belongs to consullation with dictator’s daughter Park and her soul commander Choi Soon Sil. And ThreeStars electronics served large black moneys to them to avoid any observation from any goverment, but now they are doing absurd claiming as they are victim of this goverment, ha! What a ridiculous ?!

This is Choi soon sil
This is Choi soon sil

So many people now sens ThreeStars electronics as same name to SoonSil Electronics. Yes, all same meaning now Battery blowing, ThreeStars, SoonSil electornics.

And now this greatest company undertook Harman group for their dirty covetousness to business making transfer to Car audio market from dead battery blew wastin’ smartphone past. What an wonderful decision, hugh ?

Now AKG and Harman will taste bitterness of SoonSil electornics’ dirty worker killing political actions and learn how good products going bad for only gain for money. Congraturations ! You’ve heen sold honor, and Rest in peace my AKG brand name to the past.