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Android 6.0 Vulnerable defection warning!

My LG L400K (G3 Korean U+ model) and latest of Vernee Thor up to date of Android 6.0. But these are contains mediaserver vulnerability problem as like previous Android stagefright and libutil.


LG G3 detected mediaserver defections occured as totally 15 (see above image).


And Vernee Thor defected totally 37 at latest update of 20160601 – What a junk it is … It totally belongs to AOSP, but Vernee seems not be patched this problem.

Vernee Thor also be a junk of sh*t from China, And don’t be used as your primary smartphone. It could all your privacy may not safe at all !

No more Android !

Android is totally junk of sh*t yard.

Classifying Chinese budget smartphones of mine.


There’s many budget smartphones in the World. I was collected and tested them by myself, my money. And I could got the enlightenment. So I rearrange here to what is profit or loss from you or my life.


It will be depends on your or my life style, if you have no plan to buy new iPhone now or in the future. My case is simple, I don’t have plan to buy new iPhone – I just still using iPhone 5 64GB now – but demanded large screen with using free SIM card change anytime and limit to use data usage, and have to experience with non-iOS platforms with low cost in middle ranged hardware.

Chinese budget smartphones are really cheap in price average in 100 USD with free shipping cost but sometimes really slow to get on my hand. There’s almost no NFC (but HOTKNOT with Mediatek, but I don’t know how to use it still now), no useful sensors without Accelerometer, Proximity and Light. GPS is random luck.


It’s like a game of Russian Roulette with half filled with bullets in cylinder. We don’t know what’s bad or good until it used be self. I recommend to understand it is just like ‘I didn’t expected at all, but it is better than disappointed’. There’s many manufacturer in China and don’t know what company is better or not except famous like Hwa-wei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Lenovo or Meizu. It may just consider about price, minimal functions to I can use it for my minimal life – talk, messages, games, maps while walking.


NOT recommended companies

Before you read this, must be understand these companies are not public judgement of good or not. It was judged by myself.


This company making totally useless mass in everyday. Don’t be fooled by pictures or outer shape. They don’t have any minimal knowledgement about design of mold. Most of metal frames not jointed well, easily broken plastic back shell by impact. It is not like their presentations. Even 3.5 pi headphone standard is for old EU – You can not use your previous mic-headphone for their smartphones. Software optimization? Don’t expect, they don’t do that even their sources belong to AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Beware this company if you have to plan for buying new.


This brand name is a mask of paper company. They are not producing any hardware. No quality controls, no services after you bought. Just they are sales junks of sh*t. It also beware like Oukitel.


Actually I am still using Paris and Paris-X but it could not be recommended to other. They don’t have technology level to handle they sold in software. Hardware is Ok for price or durability, but softwares are really junk. You may need understand Android and how to flashing firmware of each NAND blocks, or using modified recovery image. You may need some technical skills to keep using their products.


It’s very famous company what presinstall malwares. Low quality controls like Oukitel. Bad designs to using in lifetime. Totally not recommended.


Beware under 100 USD smartphones. Some models can’t use your headphone jack. Bad design skill.


No actions after sale. No service. No update. Need DIY at all.




You many plan to buy over 100 USD for get a good smart phone in price. my X5 Pro was not good for touching experience. But F5 was nice except decay of LCD bottom shadow.


It is still good for me include uder 100 USD prices, Note S is big screen budget phone to me except GPS errors. Don’t be expected to use as car navigator – it was my only disappointed.


Still unknown


I didn’t try yet this company, but no expect for them. but having a plan for Touch-X.


Thor is still in shipping now. I’ve been wait it over a month. really bad shipping problem.



Price mean all. Sometimes good chinese smartphone bring profits to us, but important is low expectation of quality. But best choices are among price of 100 USD may no others like.

Cubot NOTE S simple review.

A budget 5.5″ phablet phone


Cubot NOTE S is a budget smartphone in the position of low price about under 80 USD in AliExpress. But this amazing valuable phone is not like other similar priced models.


Now I am describing what makes this budget phablet phone to worth than other.

IMG_20160426_122042 IMG_20160426_121908

 Cubot NOTE S has 5.5″ large screen size and 720×1280(720p, HD) resolution. Yes, this is not a Full HD. But if you don’t care about hight definition pixels in your hand and phone must be really detailed screen, you may not buy this, or this kind budget smartphones. But if you are, this is maybe a good choice.


About external shape

Cubot Note S made with harden glass – I don’t know this glass is famous Gorilla glass or not – and covered with bundle protective film on it. Each side of frame is looks like metal, but I don’t convince it is really metal. Back cover – normally known as battery cover – is harder than others like Siswoo or Doogee.

LCD size and bezel is smaller than Siswoo C55 (as same size 5.5″ phablet phone), so Total size is little bit smaller. And each side of edge rounded as like iPhone or UIefone Paris. It make touch to smooth on the end of each screen.

Siswoo C55 (left) and Cubot Note S(right)

Volume rocker and sleep(or power) button is not make rattling noise like Oukitel K4000. It much better – feels more harder, well placed.


Each buttons arranged to as like normal smartphones from China. Down side single buttons is sleep/power and upper long buttons is volume rocker.

Each navigation keys are touch, menu-home-back. There’s no LED back light, but it may not a problem to using well in your life. Actually there’s no breathe LED like as indigator.


SIM trays & TFlash


Cubot NOTE S supports two different micro SIMs with combine 2G and 3G. 4G-LTE is not supported this model. I just put my 3G SIM and it works well even I didn’t configured APN in South Korea. And it must be sure each two SIMs are work together if not 3G and 2G combination.



Maybe the battery is major feature of this phablet phone as long long standby life.


3.8V 15.77Wh means about 4150mAh. It is much big battery as we know.  Specially the CPU of this phone is not a hot runner, low power profiled Mediatek’s MT6580 32bit ARM cortex-A7, 4 cores model with Mali-400 MP 1 core. It means your actual using time may strongly far from it been charged. Maybe it works over 2 days if you are just using calls.


AOSP base

NOTE S running under Android 5.1 and it is  based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) with Mediatek close source kernel. Mediatek never open their CPU kernel sources becaused it is property to sales for hardware manufacturers. So each manufacturer like Cubot not open their source even they are using AOSP.


Cubot modified a little of AOSP launcher3 (usually for Android5 models) with some rounded rectangle iconize with override original icon image. There’s no malware or bloatware installed. I could use it for easily by factory reset in first time for secure from abnormal environments.


Setting menu is not changed from AOSP based UI. Also there’s nothing like effective menu of ‘Auto start manage’ or ‘Permission control’. It is a point to disappointed, but maybe OK for 2GB system memorty.


NOTE S also mostely same as like other Android device such known to Ulefone, Doogee, Siswoo, Oukitel or more. But this model is really rarely closed to un-modified AOSP. Rooting not allowed but some people may find way to unlock bootloader and change emergency recovery binary a.k.a TWRP or CWM – But I couldn’t found.


Performance and more detailed info.


Most of budget smartphones from China using similar models of MMC chipset of Samsung, even their models are mostely Q823MB. Cubot Note S also like them.


Performance to write on A1 Benchmark was 17MB/sec to 23MB/sec (it is depends on difference of mounted position). My external SD was scored 11MB/sec write speed. It is MLC 32GB SDHC class10/UHS-1 but performace not fully works on NOTE S – On USB3.0 PC bench scores write speed about 22MB/sec in writing. DDR2 or DDR3 memory is just 1.4GB/sec in writing speed – I don’t know what DDR memory built in NOTE S. Normally 1.4GB/sec is just similar speed of Mediatek 4 cores CPU devices as my experience.



Antutu 6.1.4 scored 24272. Mali-400MP is an old ARM graphic accelerator and it is not supports OpenGL ES 3.x, so Antutu 3D benchmark is under 1000 point. But other performance enough to doing anything. It means large 5.5″ is screen is not for all games.


Other more detailed Antutu benchmark informations are below.

Screenshot_2016-04-26-13-10-32 Screenshot_2016-04-26-13-10-46 Screenshot_2016-04-26-13-10-54 Screenshot_2016-04-26-13-11-12 Screenshot_2016-04-26-13-11-24

Cubot Note S is just a budget phablet phone that you can buy it under 80 USD. It can not support 4G-LTE but enough to use in any 3G/HSDPA/H+ in the world. Calling quality is good for hearing and speaking. Large 5.5″ LCD helps your reading or watching something easily. Not for heavy games for using splendid 3D graphics.



If you don’t care fastest speed of 4G or LTE in the air, Cubo Note S may a good device to searching information in anywhere – Specially I usually like to 3G than 4G-LTE in building. If you don’t playing heavy games, but need big screen ? Maybe this phablet phone is good choice under 80 USD.

720p HD display is maybe too less to show detailed information, but actually I can’t sens what is difference between Full HD (such as like doogee F5) and HD resolution in normal life. I can read anything from internet, I can watch any video and streaming. Specially Cubot Note S display is my favor IPS LCD and it is totally clear than other expensive models.

Next prviate review is Doogee F5.


Actually, I am little bit tired to buying new Chinese budget smartphones in 720p HD display, So I tried to pay more over 110 USD for 1080p FHD display smartphone – Plus essential requriement: Metal frame – Doogee F5. Actually I paied  less than average 140 USD in AliExpress with big anniversary sales with DHL shipping fee.

Now it is coming to me, and hope it doesn’t had any decay.

ES File Explorer configuration move to Pro

ES Global launched for “Pro” (about 3 USD ) their primary app known as “ES File Explorer”. They are prepared to launching purchased version of ES File Explorer since year of 2015, as updating normal app to adding useless dirty functions with advertisement.

Case of me, has no choice for really easy way to managing files with multiple internet cloud service without ES File Explorer. It’s really easy way to be controlled in only one app for many thing to do.

So I explain how to keep configuration from free version to purchased app.


Ok, First, You may run ES File Explorer (Free). If you are confusing which is free and purchase, just check Homepage for a word of “Click me to get ES Pro Version”. That mean you are using free.
Now select left sided menu by touching 三 or menu key.


Then you select “Settings” of left side menu.


Now select “Backup settings”.


And touch to select “Backup”.


And Let select “OK” on dialog. ES File Browser will compress configurations to an ZIP file on your /sdcard/ path. Now close ES File Browser.

Then let’s run Pro version.


You may see different GUI from free version. Let’s enter to “Backup” and “Restore”.

Screenshot_2015-12-06-14-06-07Screenshot_2015-12-06-14-06-16Screenshot_2015-12-06-14-06-26 Screenshot_2015-12-06-14-06-35

When you get corrected menu, appears “Restore” dialog, and you could select “/secard/ESSettings.zip”. It is normal. Just select “OK” to proceed.


The you can see restored app main. Color changed to free version, but bottom menu not recovered. But don’t worry about addtional network servers like Google cloud, it already recovered on your network window of ES File Browser Pro.

Next is Oukitel K4000


My next review will be Oukitel K4000 (black) from Chinese main land. It used magnesium metal alloy for main frame seems like to other Android phones thoes are used same structure. Only difference is this phone not made with duralumin alloy.

K4000 advertised their strong front screen glass. They are using K4000 as a hammer, see below Youtube video.

I hope it is really in life durable smartphone for limited waters and scratch resisted. And a great battery capacty of 4000mAh at low energy costed CPU !

Blackview Alife S1 ?


I am very insterested in a new product of China’s Blackview Alife S1 android smartphone. It looks like my LG PRADA 3.0 shape that running as on this smallest mobile server. It sales on just 110 USD in Ali-Express, how wonderful price is! Its specification noted on their seller’s page and I copied to here.

  • CPU : Mediatek MTK6732 / Quad-core ARM-64bit-Cortex-V7 @ 1.5GHz
  • RAM : 2GB
  • NAND : 16GB
  • Supported 2G (GSM) :  850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • Supported 3G (WCDMA) : 900 / 2100 MHz
  • Supported LTE (FDD) : 800 / 1800 / 2600 MHz
  • Battery : Internal (non-replace) 2000MAh
  • SIM slots : Dual (Nano SIM + Micro SIM) or One TF + Micro SIM (up to 32GB)
  • Screen factor : 5″ (1280x720p, HD) JDI LCD ( LED backlight )
  • Rear camera : 13Mpixels of Samsung module (they are described as latest SEC module)
  • Front camera : 5Mpixels
  • IrDA : remote control like LG device !

Ok. It’s enough to use as an unlocked android phone. Dark colored and NON-SOFT-NAVIGATION is really looks good for me. It has not hatred plastic back cover like most of android devices – it is really suck … Big screen factor and low resolution may helpful to enjoying games and saving energy even it has only 2Ah of Lithium based battery. Basically it has dual SIM slots but one is switched to using TF memory up to 32GB (Oh … 32GB ?) and it will comfort to used in prepaid SIM for world wide travel.

Non-soft-navigation may really good for using full screen and fast accessing android system. It means I don’t need to see frozen soft navigation, no more !

I will buy this ASAP and write a review.

… Really price is matter !

Why you warning to me my hearing volume is too high?

Did you have experience in hearing music volume to low to enough feeling like in situation using high impedance headphones including in-ear-monitorings ?

I have. Specailly in most on android devices.

And my SONY Xperia Z1 also has this un-thanksful function to protect my hearing, yes, very thank you for it. But I can’t understand what music now playing with my high impedance headphones from un-thanksful Xperia Z1 even it has big bulk.

So I need to flashing a zip file with custom recovery by refer to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2476498.

Download a zip file for Xperia Z1 108 stock ROM. In my case it worked for my Xperia Z1 157.

You can’t see warning dialog anymore after flashing a zip. But, I can’t sens what volume changed.

Diet my SONY Xperia Z1 1.14A.157

SONY Xperia Z1

In my case of as a user of SONY Xperia Z1, This bulkily brother has only 16GB internal NAND flash size, and actually I can use only about 11GB of free space in stock ROM. This big brother used Qualcomm snapdragon 801 and installed 2GB of DDR3 memory, but stock apps are already running on memory even I don’t have plan to use them in above half of system memory. finally free memory only left in about 700 to 800MB of 1900MB, wow.

Acutally this is not a product of Google or AOSP. So it can’t be expected like original android devices – Nexus series. But I was sure it be going to lighter than stock-system and I did it.

First It must be prepared like this:

  • It must be installed 1.14A.157 or 108 build as Android 4.4.x
  • Fresh factory reseted.
  • Prepare latest verison S1 Flashtool with driver, kernel only FTF files.
  • Rooting script for stock 1.14A.108 (and replace SuperSU.apk with latest)
  • ES Explorer on Google Play Store.

Now be a rooted device with our XDA brother’s good ways. ( I can’t explain whole things to do… ) Just replace 157 kernel to 108. And Run rooting script for exploit with ADB. Got rooted ? just remove useless apps in stock ROM with ES Explorer ( and it must be gain root explorer mode)

  • All small applications with launcher and manager ( these are appears when you touched a rectangle icon of soft navigation bar on bottom of screen )
  • Most of SONY apps except WALKMAN, audio effect manager and camera …
  • Simple Home – I don’t have plan to use this ugly launcher in 5″ display.
  • Active Clip and supporting apps – I don’t exepct anything from SONY as you may know.
  • SONY social junk apps – why I need these sh*ts ?
  • All helper apps like karaoke on Youtube ?
  • File Commander – A really big junk, hugh …

After removing all apps (maybe you should back up all apps before remove/uninstall), you should check your using memory state. Normally it overs about 1.2 to 1.3GB in used, but after removed junks, it diet to 700 to 800MB.

I know android system always caching their apps on memory for quick responsibilities. But if it included unwanted apps even it disturbe my using style and never possible to uninstall from app manager !? It’s hell.

Think about File commander app in stock ROM. This junk app has no useful functions if you have pay for their premium slave. And it is expensive ! USD 5? I will remove this junk and replace ES explorer to system app.

And don’t forget external SD write permission for Android’s big miss.

  •  Move to directory “/system/etc/permissions”.
  • Find a file “platform.xml” and open it.
  • Find below sections and edit. (red color means added) , then save.

<permission name=”android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE” >
<group gid=”sdcard_r” />
<group gid=”sdcard_rw” />
<group gid=”media_rw” />

<permission name=”android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE” >
<group gid=”sdcard_rw” />
<group gid=”media_rw” />

Ok, If you think it’s done for clean up, self remove SuperSU, and turn off your phone. and go for flashmode. Update stock kernel 108 to 157 and reboot.

Your phone became to healthy.