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Experience of Intel HD 630 damn driver.

I guess some people may experienced badness of Intel something – as like old models from Intel graphics as known thousnad numbered models – HD 2000 or 3000 whatever, when specially upgraded to Windows 10 from older.

My new office desktop presented to me a bad experience about mouse cursor doesn’t applying anti-aliased shape, and also without shadow in 2017 !

I had to find solve this Paleolithic lacks come in modern life, searched in Godgle, and finally found a word – “INSTALL NEW DRIVER”.

Yes, it was may a SMALL problem of Intel as like before, alwasy like that. Now I can see smoothen customized mouse cursor after new driver installed ( build 4678 ).

If you are looking bad shaped mouse cursor and if it belong to your internal video adaptor – yes, you may saved money to buy external graphic deivce as like AMD R460 or nVidia 1060 whatever – check for new video device driver asap, but you don’t sens what is wrong, also may nor required check update from big blue bad brother who named Intel.

Ulefone Paris X pended.


AlieExpress has some problems in today, most sellers are doing inferior actions for buyers as like lying they are stocked goods. In case of me, RTDT whatever seller gave me they are already stocked Paris X, and I trusted them. So it gone far to an unfunny short dramatic performance.

I just hope minor version of Paris, but it seems to be hard for moment get it on my hand. I just changed my testing SIM for K4000 with new glass film arrived. Actually I don’t hope new jelly case or, TPU case for K4000, there’s totally not exists for it even Paris or Paris X.

I need remember myself for there’s nothing like better then price in value. Just 110 USD smartphone is jsut for that price. nothing to better.

And my shopping funs for AliExpress may done for soon. They are too many  delinquency doing today. Really bad asses.

Slow charging of Ulefone Paris.

20151123_215900_HDR 20151123_220040_HDR

 Some people reported Ulefone Paris has problem in charging circuit. So I have checked what amperes measured in USB power in under 80% battery meter in phone. (Actually 72~74 %)

I used 2A supported charger and cables, but Paris seems not accept over 1A current for charging itself as like under iPhone5. It means Paris need minimum 2 hours and 30 minutes for fully charged in best condition. But it may takes 3 hours in real charging condition.

I don’t know is it possible to control in driver level or changing firmware in embedded linux kernel level at Ulefone development part. But I think Paris was not designed for accepting over 1A current power.