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Classifying Chinese budget smartphones of mine.


There’s many budget smartphones in the World. I was collected and tested them by myself, my money. And I could got the enlightenment. So I rearrange here to what is profit or loss from you or my life.


It will be depends on your or my life style, if you have no plan to buy new iPhone now or in the future. My case is simple, I don’t have plan to buy new iPhone – I just still using iPhone 5 64GB now – but demanded large screen with using free SIM card change anytime and limit to use data usage, and have to experience with non-iOS platforms with low cost in middle ranged hardware.

Chinese budget smartphones are really cheap in price average in 100 USD with free shipping cost but sometimes really slow to get on my hand. There’s almost no NFC (but HOTKNOT with Mediatek, but I don’t know how to use it still now), no useful sensors without Accelerometer, Proximity and Light. GPS is random luck.


It’s like a game of Russian Roulette with half filled with bullets in cylinder. We don’t know what’s bad or good until it used be self. I recommend to understand it is just like ‘I didn’t expected at all, but it is better than disappointed’. There’s many manufacturer in China and don’t know what company is better or not except famous like Hwa-wei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Lenovo or Meizu. It may just consider about price, minimal functions to I can use it for my minimal life – talk, messages, games, maps while walking.


NOT recommended companies

Before you read this, must be understand these companies are not public judgement of good or not. It was judged by myself.


This company making totally useless mass in everyday. Don’t be fooled by pictures or outer shape. They don’t have any minimal knowledgement about design of mold. Most of metal frames not jointed well, easily broken plastic back shell by impact. It is not like their presentations. Even 3.5 pi headphone standard is for old EU – You can not use your previous mic-headphone for their smartphones. Software optimization? Don’t expect, they don’t do that even their sources belong to AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Beware this company if you have to plan for buying new.


This brand name is a mask of paper company. They are not producing any hardware. No quality controls, no services after you bought. Just they are sales junks of sh*t. It also beware like Oukitel.


Actually I am still using Paris and Paris-X but it could not be recommended to other. They don’t have technology level to handle they sold in software. Hardware is Ok for price or durability, but softwares are really junk. You may need understand Android and how to flashing firmware of each NAND blocks, or using modified recovery image. You may need some technical skills to keep using their products.


It’s very famous company what presinstall malwares. Low quality controls like Oukitel. Bad designs to using in lifetime. Totally not recommended.


Beware under 100 USD smartphones. Some models can’t use your headphone jack. Bad design skill.


No actions after sale. No service. No update. Need DIY at all.




You many plan to buy over 100 USD for get a good smart phone in price. my X5 Pro was not good for touching experience. But F5 was nice except decay of LCD bottom shadow.


It is still good for me include uder 100 USD prices, Note S is big screen budget phone to me except GPS errors. Don’t be expected to use as car navigator – it was my only disappointed.


Still unknown


I didn’t try yet this company, but no expect for them. but having a plan for Touch-X.


Thor is still in shipping now. I’ve been wait it over a month. really bad shipping problem.



Price mean all. Sometimes good chinese smartphone bring profits to us, but important is low expectation of quality. But best choices are among price of 100 USD may no others like.