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The throne of algae

Don't imagine who is this shit.
Don’t imagine who is this s**t.


Some idiot’s younger son – Jr.Mong – left a phrase, “National sentiment is barbaric…”. We were indignant at that time, but we going to accept his ugly words right, Unfortunately! Think, Who made that idiot to a nation’s president? Still idiot epigones ratio over 30% in whole people in a nation. Every year big accident happen to us, but goverment never handle accident, even gainsay to it never happen or that was not our fault, or it is communist’s¬†actrocities.

What an amaing! Impossible to understand what it says in every time only on the TV even it appears only on the TV, only TV is the way to what it says something astral speaks. Even it never appears in hours in national incident reported.

Now it running to the end of it’s throne – because it will think I am the Queen by itself – But we are fear still 30% heelers, and it may grow up to over half of ours in next election.