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Anystreaming may not meet the world.


Unfortunately, our CEO determined to stop developing Anystreaming any more. I don’t know what is the reason of stopping this, but his dicision seems to hard to break.

So I backed up all resource in my developing system to private stash, and it will be born to other as I hope in later. If anyone hoped to release this amazing fun device to the world, I should say about sorry.


Anystreaming now support 1080i.


My latest HDMI and control driver enabled to handle 1080i (interlaced scan) for some devices not possible to bandwidth of 1080p. Latest windows client ( you can download here )  supports this with latest firmware system version 2016.06.09 or later.


Actually I don’t recommend to use 1080i, but it’s up to you. My opinion is set resolution as 720p instead 1080i in gaming for enjoying 60fps in realtime because 1080i or 1080p had blocked to 30fps limit by CPU performance problem.

Revive suddendeath boards.


At last day, I found reason why some AS boards going dying HID device controller.

It was a reason of HID control chipset had narrow clock sensitive. I was try to adjust fastest working clock and it may not right clock for it. (Actually chipset provider does not support us)

Now it will be solved for most of suddendeath HID boards, and further more for whole stability.

Now it almost done for Linux kernel works.

Latest casing arrived.

In about 2 weeks later when it resigned to more smaller, now I could got a latest model.

Left end is latest modeling.

Latest case material changed for matted plastic and going for fianl release with IrDA blaster detacheable module in middle.

IMG_20151120_171555 IMG_20151120_171533

This case is real hull of containing latest circular PCB, and changed some ports position – and still in changing ports layout with components.


I will contiue to write a new post if I have change anything.


New AnyStreaming circular board.

OK, It taken a little bit long time to done for redesign schematic logics, and it almost done for loosing size for more smaller. Almost of power logics put downside of PCB, then heatabled components are come up sides.

Lastest mockup case may going to more smaller because new circualr PCB gone for smaller than before. Still it need be adjusted for the best result.


New case design launched, and now it is proceeding for the final release.