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Vernee Thor after review.


About over a month later, I have found many problems even it updated to latest OTA ( 20160623 ). I don’t expected more from small comapny like Vernee, but it is disappointed again about technical power of these small manufacturers. So I have to buy new phone of Xiaomi Redmi3s.


What updated in latest update 20160623?

This is not a description of Vernee’s OTA, I have written list to known by myself.

  • Touch sensitive little bit better than before, but still unstable.
    – Sometimes too sensitive, sometimes it feels slow, random !
  • Home screens sometimes not appeared while drag drop an app icon from drawer.
    – It is an error of default launcher, really ugly – why it happened to Thor used AOSP launcher 3 ?
  • Still many big sized apps are not runnable.
    – Specially most of big games not possible to run. I don’t know what is problem of Android 6 or Vernee.
  • Finger ID enhanced to hit sens my fingers.
    – But it is still need match putting in exactly same degree.
  • USB MTP really unstable – totally useless !
    – I can not keep connected to using MTP on my PC. It continousely disconnected after screen off. It must be an error of Vernee power management, really ugly. I need adjust keep screen on while connect to PC, and there’s nothing like option to adjust of this.
  • Connection type always set to USB charge.
    – Everytime I need select MTP connection to copy files from my PC. This budget phone is not keep memory what I choosed for connection before. This in not an acceptabled issue.
  • Still CVE-2016-* mediaserver vulnerable defections.
    – It seems to Vernee dosen’t understand what is problem of them.


Good features:

Using sdcard to internal memory is nice. First time I have put a 64GB MLC sdcard (UHS-1) to extend storage to keep datas, but I integrated other MLC 32GB (UHS-1) sdcard to became as internal storage (maybe using android file system, not EXT2 or EXT3. It is not possible to read in any Linux) and it extends app installation capacity. But still many apps not works on Thor, or Android 6. Some apps displays an error: “This hardware not be supported”.



  • Too many. Just buy Xiaomi Redmi 3s instead using this ugly product.
  • Middle frame coating (maybe rubber, or urethane ?) feels off by wearing/taking off protecting hard case !
  • Bad structures of SIM card slot and sdcard slot.
  • Bad design to battery cover structure, not easy to detach and put it again.



  • I don’t recommend buy.
  • Just buy Xiaomi Redmi 3s.
  • It is just little bit better than Oukitel junks.
  • This is totally waste of your money.