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A short impressions of Kinera BD005 IEM.

It was really extreamely long long wait after an order from November of 2016. Yes, It took about 2 monthes from order while package arrived to me with AliExpress standard shipping method – but actually it was China Registered AIR post, maybe it was not AIR … maybe a SHIP ?

With damn long shipping it is eventually now on my hand. It was really damn slow shipping but I can accept all with extreamely low cost (see above page … ) of this 1-DD + 1-BA IEM.


I don’t know what brand name means “KINERA” to their word, or in English. And BD005 – model name – may means their 5th model with BA+DD. Ok, then it arrived as below picture:

Boxing was not as like modern saving Earth design, just contains IEM and only 2 different size of silicon ear birds with wrong attached (switched Left and Right, sure it should be fixed anybody, actually not a problem !) durable cable.

It is really all. There’s nothing like protecting IEM something like called soft case or pouch. Just consider price around 20 USD ! and It doesn’t a matter to enjoying good music ! Don’t be concern like Mr.Ban. It’s just another option to buy any carrying case, or pouch whatever it is in AliExpress and may quickly arrives than this IEM.

Mr.Concen Man, Image from “Reuters”


BD005 is not had sexy shape as like major brand products. Just it says “I am from China” and it is truth, because I bought from China, Ha.

But comfort to fix on my ear and easily replace to other cable with MMCX connector. Many sellers in AliExpress who selling many different kinds of MMCX compatible cables. Kinera seems to used one of their products – because I have bought exactly same model MMCX cable from AliExpress before, and its price was almost 8 USD.

Fitting rules is just same like other IEMs, rounding around my ear. Almost of modern ear rounding fittabled IEMs are samely using this forms. MMCX connector well assembled in IEM itself. I couldn’t find any problem in this small friend.

BA unit (as their explainment, it is from Knowles, 3K models) is placed on near end of nozel and it recognized by sight easily. There’s no structure to hold ear bud as like some IEMs.

Audio experience

Make a subject of conclusion, it is not like other some fully filled bass brother Hybrid IEMs. Well balanced for each sides. Little bit more bass means it is “For Outdoor” but may excellent for using in door too. As my opinion there’s little bit less in high frequency by private favor, it should  be enhanced by adjusting EQ. I recommend use Treble boot if you have iPhone and listen music with shiny treble frequency – but it may a reason of you going be tired more faster than normal listening, it’s just up to you and me also.



Maybe really worth the low cost in around 20 USD. Much better than Xiaomi’s hybrid IEMs – actually not recommend Xiaomi’s, too much bass harms all sound – and KZ’s. Without design, all about good features may found by in real life, by yourself. Maybe the best item in this price around 20 USD in the World if you have buy something new in less payment but long wait.

Tennmak Dulcimer & Porcelain simple review

I got these two IEH(In-Ear Headphone) from Mr.Tony of China via Ali-Express. Mr.Tony (Tennmak is a trade mark & name of hist company) – He was gave it to me for testing and little review, so I don’t have perfect packaging. Each different two IEHs are Dulcimer and Porcelain – It seems to like weapone names in Skyrim, but I could find what it meas by google translate.



a musical instrument with a sounding board or box, typically trapezoidal in shape, over which strings of graduated length are stretched, played by being struck with handheld hammers.



a white vitrified translucent ceramic; china.

 Each of Dulcimer & Porcelain are little bit different position of Tennmak IEH series. Dulcimer is positioned on about 30 USD, and Porcelain is about 20 USD. But as my opinion, I love Porcelain more than Dulcimer, actually sound quality in price is better to me, specially include design of itself.

According to Tennmak, Dulcimer was designed for maximum experience for quality of IEMs in around value of 100 USD. But it is just seems to their assertion, It is definitely not be better than high valued IEM – such like used multiple BA units – in manufacturing, design, publushing prices. It may just like placebo effect – like a memory of LG G Pro IEH.

Dulcimer detailed images



Dulcimer frequency response graph looks much nice, but my hearing is not like graph, bass more expanded and crispy high is closer to V-EQ. not flatty.  Porcelain is more flatty rather than Dulcimer.

Porcelain detailed images



Porcelain graph seems also similar like Dulcimer, but hearing is not like, more flatty than. But manufacturer graphs are not be sure in difference of hearing experience.


If I have make it choose one, my choice is Porcelain. Design, comfort, price and hearing is more better than Dulcimer. Sure all of my review is depends on my experience, not for objectivity.

An IEM used Knowles dual balanced armature ?

I found an insteresting item in Ali-Express, ER610 of EARMAX – audio product manufacturer of China – and it seems to be used for dual balanced armature transducer(driver) in each units of left and right.


I can find an image for used Knowles B.A unit in their sales page: knowls_driver


And there’s product number: K30265 by idendified with graphical adjust.

knowls_driver_anal  So I reached their information page of Knowles, http://www.knowles.com/eng/Products/Receivers-and-speakers/Hearing-instruments/DTEC-series#  and here http://kr.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Knowles/dtec-30265-000/?qs=CwrZmfgQ%2F8PExkdM0ny2Cg%3D%3D

It seems old-aged transducer type as I know before, and I can check RMS test result in their specification documents:

knowles_spec_rms_freq As their result, I can conjecture this IEM sound will enough to feeling in low to middle  frequency, but less high frequency in non-tuned.  Its response frequency impedence graph is like this:response_impedence

By impedence, it looks result for dual armatures, there’s deep reverse peak in 1400 to 1500. It means smoothness is may less than normal single balanced armature.
And frequency response is this(just same like RMS):


And here ED-29589-000 no-dampered frequency response graph of Etymotic research ER4P.



And here TWFK-30017-000 no-damped frequency response graph of GH-ERC-DMS.



Its big differences may came from single or dual armature structure. But it could be checked response of 30265 will be wider than 29589, but 30265 is not similar either 29589 and 30017. 30017 seems extended version of 29589.

Now I don’t have real product of ER610, my review will be continued when it came to me in 2 or 3 weeks later.