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openXcom save editor C++ source code.

open-xcom-infight  openXcom is a great windows application developed for everyone as an open source. Anybody can enjoy long time ago original Xcom:UFO defense in any version of Windows, specially my Windows10 with Pentium 957 really works well in low energy cost, lovely game.

But if you have any experience in legendary Xcom, it is too hard to defeat aliens, humanbeings are just like a scam in game. I know some players are plays game as like God, wow, but not me. It’s too difficult to enjoying in relaxed mind. So I just made a simple editor : Xcom soldier upgrader, it helps your openXcom save files. Simply you need set openXcom uncompressed save format and compile my source code with any version of minGW. I recommend to use mingw-w64 with Code::Blocks.

Here I sharing my simple source code in zip file. It doesn’t contains exe file. You may compile in your system.

How to it works ? Just see what made in source code, really simple. Every attribute of soldier if under 190, it automatically adjust to 190, then write it again to original save file before it back up to changing file extention to .bak.

Just compile source, and execute result exe with your save file. for example,

It’s done.

Have fun gaming, soldiers will be stronger than before, even weak aliens, but you may try to keep fighting with aliens not wounded. It never helps heal from wounded soldiers, maybe you can upgrade my simple source codes.


* Download is free, Modifying also free, no warranty from me.