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Work in a game even you are playing that game now.

A game surprised me – actually it was lean to negative side – by design new circuit and programming it into each component inside – what a brilliant idea, hugh ? It looks like explain : A game for working (or training ) even I am playing a game!

Name of that game was “Shenzhen IO”, much familiar word Shenzhen may made me surprised again. May many engineers really familiar name of area in China – “Shenzhen”.

Shenzhen of China
Image from Godgle map.

If you have plane to buy this crazy game, and wanna work in your game, strongly recommend buy this working-game “Shenzhen IO”!

And you may remind this game is not from China, it is born in Mesacgusetts state of Ameria – and must be programmers are from MIT. Now pick up your crow bar to fight with them !

Or, Maybe some instructions or Ph.D loves this game to give experience to their students are going more stained with stress, what a brilliant, hugh, Great !

Mad Max came out before Fallout 4


Finally MAD MAX came out. I can be Max himself. OK. but price ? wow … there’s no mercy. Let’s see how much it is…


Single pack 59.99 USD … if I want to get some more DLC? its price increases to 79.99 USD. Did WB games undertaken gather more more money ? No way … this is mercyless price. So I determind myself to buy Fallout4 in price of 59.99 USD. Or wait for crazy discounted sale in Steam of summer or winter 🙂