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Server gone far away a while…


My old smartphone server was gone. Not boots again, failure occurs on while booting system, and I just entered Recovery mode and moved all backed up files to sdcard then I recovered all system for few days ago – and some articles gone, but that’s OK.

R.I.P, LG PRADA 3.0 – You were best whole a life.


Android 6.0 Vulnerable defection warning!

My LG L400K (G3 Korean U+ model) and latest of Vernee Thor up to date of Android 6.0. But these are contains mediaserver vulnerability problem as like previous Android stagefright and libutil.


LG G3 detected mediaserver defections occured as totally 15 (see above image).


And Vernee Thor defected totally 37 at latest update of 20160601 – What a junk it is … It totally belongs to AOSP, but Vernee seems not be patched this problem.

Vernee Thor also be a junk of sh*t from China, And don’t be used as your primary smartphone. It could all your privacy may not safe at all !

No more Android !

Android is totally junk of sh*t yard.

LG’s new big flagship – V10.


LG published a new flagship smart phone V10 a.k.a G4 pro. And I was really disappointed it still has nothing about changed from G3. They are still saving their product cost for using soft-navi-key bottom of screen even Chinese manufacturer not doing shit. And couldn’t be understand small OLED screen on upper main screen – What is shit, hugh?

Only different with China guys, is their brand name. Still using Qualcom burnning snapdragon 8xx series – I know they has no choice to win SEC in CPU technology, but If I was LG, my choice is Mediatek – and big DDR memory. nothing like SEC’s. fastest way to be drowned on the market.

My primary android smart phones are always LG. But they are walking to the fog of forgotten, pass out of my mind…

Google (LG) Nexus 4 battery life expired.


Few days ago, I have wonder my Nexus4 has going hotter and back has exapnded like pregnant. And I can sens it is cause of internal battery life has the end. So I unscrewed double screws on bottom of Nexus4. Open up back cover with plastic openning tools, then I can see sudden death battery.


If I has continue to charging this dead battery, it will blow and my Nexus4 may damaged. Dead battery is always prblem of all devices of has internal battery that si covered with plastic, metal or glass shelter.


Nexus4 fixed battery with adhesive tape like iPhone. You will be need something more safe tools like plastic scoop to remove battery from adhesives.


Replaced battery is need to be charged in fully overcharged in more times to reach 100% in power off. It is different with displaying on Android state bar. If you doing replacement like me, Just powered with charger and turn your phone down. Then wait for enough hours while battery display reach to 100%. Don’t unplug charger it just changed to 100%, you may need more hours for overcharged to reset battery chemical reaction.