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Fixing SD card unexpected unmounting problem of Oukitel U20 plus SIM tray.

Oukitel U20 plus was a good budget smartphone has FHD resolution and dual cameras priced under 100 USD in the world from China.

But some people may have experience about “Unexpected SD card unmounted” problem in real life. All apps turned to gray and it doesn’t run while SD card mounted again by hitting back side of SIM tray again.

So I have to fix this prblem, and tear off back cover with some stripping tools.

Now I understand why U20 plus so heavy, and astonished Oukitel grown up well to architecting better than before about times of K6000. Some lacks by mistery of price under 100 USD, may acceptable – inside back cover color was white, I was expected black or dark inside.

Examined why SD card going unmounted in unexpected times, and found reason of this.

It was seems to reason of cost reduction, low cost componet problem of SIM tray + SD card. There’s nothing like shielding metal covers on component, just rare plastic itself made weakage on bending inside by pressure. Here I explained why it going worst:

To prevent unexpected unmounting SD card by any shock, I need put shomething to make depth to same beside EMI shielded block of right side. I put couple of transparency urethane film, and it made depth more thicker. And it made for better than befoe, test many shock by hitting area of SIM tray and it not happened to unmounting SD card again.

It may better put something to make fill gap between back cover and SIM tray component, and it may not considered on designing step or, lack of reason to cost reduction to make it more cheaper by Oukitel.

Hope make it better by reading my article who anybody looking for solution to fix this problem as like me.

OTA 3.10 released for Oukitel U20 Plus

Eventually Oukitel released new OTA update, verison 3.10 to fix many minor bugs ! Now I don’t need see blurred stripes on bottom of screen, and it is no longer need annoying me.

Everybody download new OTA binary from needrom site, and URL is here:

I don’t expect how many OTA updates awaits me, but I have to done with decision of disable many pre-installed apps like ADUP FOTA and some useless apps of this list:

  • AdupsFota
  • AdupsFotaReboot
  • AutoDialer
  • BSPTelephonyDevTool
  • FWUpgrade
  • FWUpgradeProvider
  • MtkFloatMenu
  • MTKLogger
  • PrizeFactoryTest
  • All operator app (Baidu Location)

My custom patch need cutomized recovery TWRP and modified boot image by installing Super SU once more. I’m using a way to installing TWRP and zip-flashing SuperSU to modify original boot image. Super SU zip-flashing wil change verification of U20 plus, and it makes help out “NEVER BOOTING UP” problem.

Here is my cusotm patch zip for TWRP and you may bear disclaimer in mind, all fault is depends on your decision and acting whatever you do. Link is from my MEGA.NZ drive:

Plus more, there’s a couple of app “PrizeLauncher” and “ThemeStore”. These are works together for default launcher and managing its theme. I strongly disable these and replace with other launcher as like NovaLauncher or AOSP launcher 3. It’s up to you.

Oukitel U20 Pro real review for weeks


It was second time to wait pre-sell item for new item from Ali-express. This wait required long wait for a month even I have made an option to shipping with DHL.

My Interesting was “Dual lens”:

It was special to me by this budget smartphone had dual lens as seen for iPhone7+. Oukitel described hardware level dual lens may help to shoot a picture that similar like DSLR, wow.

I was expected this dual lens really works like my DSLR/DSLT by stereo graphic differential algorithm likes, but reality was so harsh. too harsh.

 Here I left a balnk for later, inserting some pictures with dual lens, that dual lens results. harsh results.


Blur defection on bottom screen,

It was not a problem of only mine. Many people also reported this defection to XDA, and geeks found how it be fixed with rooted system, not for normies, damn.

It was a reason of UI rendering with wrong start position of state bar. -5 pixels rolled up so bottom blur defection occurs by -5 pixels of gone up.

No update.

I have been expected when it released new OTA for fix UI rendering problem, but still it doesn’t possible to check latest version.

Lastest version is “SSXSJS5.1210.V3.0.3”. But still this version not solved bottom screen defection, and there’s not many TWRP or CWM recovery with working touch sensor.

Much looks like Apple iPhone 6s, but not iPhone, has too many problems still not be fixed yet, Oukitel seems to still not good a company who mades smartphone in lowest price.

Maybe don’t be comapred with Doogee Shoot1 or Bluboo Dual.

Next is,

Blueboo dual. a much same smartphone with Oukitel U20 plus, without hardware navi keys. And Doogee Shoot 1. All phones are same CPU and similar camera module as like dual focusing system for making depth of aperture.


My little conclusion,

Don’t buy this junk until solve many problems. You may better buy this after a half of year.