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Review of COOLSELL double sided micro USB cable


I bought a few of double sided micro USB cable from COOLSELL. I’m not sure they have any patent for making this, but it is little bit expensive than normal micro USB cables.


It is really easy to plug to any device to micro USB port, sure it is works and charges over 1A. So I have to check with USB power current meter and my battery exhausted LG GPro to charge in 5V 2A power supplier.


All COOLSELL cables charged my phone in 5V(+/-10%) 1.3~1.4A. Maybe not works as over 1.8A means LG GPro protecting over current in minimal battery state. So I have tested with Xiaomi micro USB cable, again.


It seems almost same with COOLSELL. V and A measured as same, and there’s nothing at any problems. Good molding each end of cable – USB and micro USB ports, and coated with fabric material may increase durability but decrease softness and bending.

Price may almost 2 to 4 USD with difference of length. I was bought one 30cm and two of 120cm with different colors. Comfort to plug any side, it is really lovely.

I hope price going down for more, to buying more in under 10 USD, but I think it is little bit expensive than other sellers.