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Vernee Thor TWRP script for disable system apps.

Here is a custom patch for TWRP zip flashing style to disable preinstalled system apps on Vernee Thor. (revision 2)

My patch will disables theses apps:

  • AdupsFota
  • AdupsFotaReboot
  • AutoDialer
  • FWUpgrade
  • FWUpgradeProvider
  • MtkFloatMenu
  • MTKLogger
  • MtkQuickSearchBox
  • uber
  • NbAgingTest (included in rev2)
  • All vendor, operator apps


Download will be able to here: (MEGA.NZ)



Plus, default Launcher3 disabler ( if it disabled, Lock screen not be changed )



And, if wanna enable again,



After download, just copy to your sdcard, then reboot to TWRP. And just install zip.

If you want to edit script, just extract zip file to somewhere on your host PC/Laptop, then Edit updater-script in META-INF/com/google/android .



If you don’t understand what are you doing before download and flashing my zip, don’t anything. All doing by yourself makes your own risk. If any problems occurs, it’s not my fault.

AOSP camera sound mute patch (TWRP update zip)

Here I made a zip file for TWRP/CWM (Custom recovery) patch for most of android 5 to 6 based from AOSP.  Most my android devices works perfectly turned off modulated (too big) camera sounds (shutter, focused, fast shutters) be muted well from China – Doogee, Ulefone, Oukitel, Vernee.

Just down load following zip file and copy it to your storage and reboot to TWRP or CWM and install zip file. If there’s any error, it’s been succeed.

Here my script used – or extract zip file to test.

And download here (MEGA.nz) for system/media/sound/ui:


Plus donwload here (MEGA.nz) for system/media/audio/ui:



 This patch is for only people who made own Android phone/tablet/phaplet been modified to customized recovery to TWRP or CWM. It’s only for use it legal. There’s no lawful duty to problem of applied system and owner.