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Arghh, We are doomed by Intel, Thank you so MUCH !

By Linux kernel group with Google, Vulnerability open for modern high performanced CPU (incl. AP, ARM Cortex architecture) that using pipe-line and fast matching caching systems of designed to using multiple calculating unit almost since over 15 years ago.

There’s two kinds of vulnerability, MELTDOWN and SPECTRE. These problems belong to hardware design fault, and may not bypass or protected by software level – so we are doomed, anyway.

Most of Intel CPU ( from Pentium multi-core designed thru Core2Duo to modern all Intel products of x86 architecture ) has leaking secured kernel memory to un-trusted user instructions to read them out easily. Also most of ARM cortex-A architecture same to vulnerabled – yes, our all smartphones since iPhone3Gs and all of Androids.

It means, your secured password should be read by any hacker when you been attacked without any protecting solutions, specially old aged Windows or Linux even Mac OS.

Intel guiding now to update system firmware ( BIOS, EFI, Intel ME ) to protect our computers, but it only depends on mainboard or hand held device manufacturer’s support !

My main desktop CPU is Intel’s i5-3570, 3rd generation of Core-I series. Its mainboard was discontinued to support in many years ago, and no way to support by manufacturer – damn Gigabyte.

It may same also for most of people as like me, long time users without any upgrade – why need upgrade for latest? It is enough now for enjoying games with ATi Rx460 4GB, it is even faster than I expected.

Among this opening of hell-gate, there’s a winner – AMD.

AMD win this game for much less vulnerability, and my next desktop will be AMD again. You won the game, AMD ! And Goodbye UNGRATEFUL INTEL ! You such a mad for money moron!

Android 6.0 Vulnerable defection warning!

My LG L400K (G3 Korean U+ model) and latest of Vernee Thor up to date of Android 6.0. But these are contains mediaserver vulnerability problem as like previous Android stagefright and libutil.


LG G3 detected mediaserver defections occured as totally 15 (see above image).


And Vernee Thor defected totally 37 at latest update of 20160601 – What a junk it is … It totally belongs to AOSP, but Vernee seems not be patched this problem.

Vernee Thor also be a junk of sh*t from China, And don’t be used as your primary smartphone. It could all your privacy may not safe at all !

No more Android !

Android is totally junk of sh*t yard.