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Vernee Thor 5th OTA, may not allow you to proceed easily !

Eventually, Vernee released their latest OTA for me ( and may includes other people ) and described as these:Screenshot_20160825-090230

  • Corrected  a problem that is battery status may shown in third party app view activ ity ( I think they are meant this word).
  • Something updated in APN and it was optimised for something I don’t understand.
  • Fixed some bugs we don’t know yet, or not sensed.

It may right for my re-translated words for their described. Ok, whatever, I have to proceed this OTA and met a big problem as known “Never going to REBOOT” in final step of OTA.


To see this screen, applied final OTA, you may need doing something SPECIAL action seems really dangerous and harmful – but it may not hurts your phone if have little focused to read my next describes.



Now you need to turn off your Thor until feels a short vibration means it turned off well. Then Hold your fingers in Volume rocker at up position (+) with power, then you may see this simple texted screen and now you release fingers from Thor.


It may already focused on “Recovery Mode”, but if you have moved focus to other, just press volume up shortly, don’t volume down – it is OK key in this screen. Now you can check “<<==” arrow text focused on “Recovery Mode” and just press Volume down.


And don’t panic on this layed down AndroBoy image. You can make it entered with repeating action with shortly press and releasing volume up(+) and power button about 3 times: Press, releasing, press, releasing, press, releasing then you see this.SONY DSC

This screen means you can doing some basic work as like most customized recovery images a.k.a TWRP or CWM. But we don’t need do without only “Wipe cache partition”.

Vernee OTA impossible reboot problem belong to something undeleted datas in cache partition – yes it is disaster what Vernee doesn’t understand what they need to understand before releasing any OTA.


Now use your volume down key to choose “Wipe cache partition”. others may makes your Thor going to bricked if you don’t have knowledge to how it be recovered from hazard !

Then press power button, it is OK key in this mode, and wait for process be done. The just move selection to “Reboot system now” with volume up key, and press power button again.

Thor may now reboot again. There’s nothing be changed what you can sens. Now just doing OTA update again in setting menu, then you can see Thor going rebooted soon. Yes, this hell be doned.



  • Maybe it was enhanced for sensing my fingerprint to unlock phone.
  • Touching sensing may better than before – my ultra fast scrolling now impossible, yeah.
  • And maybe somewhere many enhancements … yes, I don’t know.


Hope you can succeess OTA update for latest version, it may makes your experience better than before.