USB 3.0 SATA external HDD case from AliExpress

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I was need a new empty external HDD case for using old SATA2 HDDs from replaced by SSDs from AliExpress. Actually most of sellers are sales this kind of item priced about above 20 USD in South Korea, actually this not-understandable price is reason of support USB 3.0.

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So I bought one form AliExpress, and it took over 20 days from China, meh … But it is enought to wait for delivered for price! Some sellers are selling exactley same item on about 20 USD in South Korea.


It was delivered in untracked air post with air filled shock resist post bag. There’s nothing like manual to what I to do before make it combined, OK, whatever, I can use it. HDD case simpley closed without screw bolts, An USB 3.0 male-to-male short cable and totally 3 not used tiny screw bolts.


There’s nothing to shock resist material inside, If I using it for HDD, maybe I need some sponge to fix HDD inside case with resist minimal shock.


And PCB was glued with half-transparency something that used for fixing light-weight objects. It is removed so easily pulling down PCB by hand. So I used good adheisive in each side of be fixed, and let for a day. If you are using this HDD case, may need a good adhesive for fixing like multi targeted rubber based one. Plus flat sponge tape or similar something to fix your HDD inside of this case.


Connecting was easy to standard A type USB 3.0 plug and two colored LED – red, blue – shows it powered and working now. I loved connector is not like micro connector – it is expensive than this HDD case or hard to buy easily.


I have tested most of my SATA2 devices on USB3.0. Well, it works fine, fortunately don’t need to worry it not works or harm my HDD. Actually it senses SATA3 device – my SSD work well in maximum speed at USB 3.0.

Specially outer shell is made with Aluminium alloy, it means thermal problem is less than most of case that made with plastic shell, but weak is shock – so you need some material for resist it.


You can buy it in loweset price almost under 5 USD from AliExpress. But you need choice before buy it what you can doing some DIY for make it works well in minimal requirement.