Vernee Thor is next.

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Actually I disappointed in Cubot Note S and such as cheaper models under 100 USD from China. But this Vernee is new in among them, and reputation is not bad in real users in the world. So I tried for make final experience in such as cheaper smartphone from China.

According to their specification, Is it one of brothers who name used MT6753, 8 cores ARM CPU from Mediatek. Used MALi T720 MP3 runs on 430MHz GPU, 2800mAh battery with Android 6.0. Maybe it is first time of Android 6.0 of MT6753 series for me. Gorilla galss 3 may give me experience that doesn’t need put anti scratch film on screen, but I bought 10pcs from other seller in AliExpress, hugh.

Fortunately this budget smartphone supported 3G/LTE frequency is also availed in South Korea, actually my carrier KT(Olleh) supports these: 3G/WCDMA 900 and 2100MHz, LTE(FDD, a.k.a 4G) 800, 1800, 2100 and 2600MHz. Some nations are not supports LTE/4G network.


WiFi seems still less support to 5GHz, I don’t know why they are not support 5GHz, but most budget smartphones are exactly not doing same. Only Doogee F5 is supporting 5GHz WiFi – but not stable.

And Less sensors, it meaning your car driving navigation exactly not works in your direction when you stopped. Sometimes it makes me dizzy while driving car. It may not for drivers, just walking people.

Ok, I don’t know how fast it be shipped and delivered to me. Hope it works well to me.